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Stephen O’Grady

pdf.co expert Stephen O'Grady

Location: Canada

Hey there! My name is Stephen and I’m a Product Manager and No/Low Code Architect based in Vancouver, BC.

I have over 15 years of experience working with brands, agencies, and companies like RBC, Hootsuite, 8020, Shadow Creative Studios, Continuum, and Airtable.

Skills: PDF.co API platform, Airtable, Integromat / Make, Javascript, Zapier, Webflow

Website: sogrady.com

Email: hello@sogrady.com

Phone: (415) 858-6688

PDF.co Project Showcase

Client/Project Industry

Building Materials, Civil Engineering, Design

Client Name

California-based architectural design firm

Company Size

11-100 employees.

Project Summary

California requires a number of PDF forms to be filled out and submitted before you can even break ground on any sort of building project. That means a lot of manual data entry unless you rely on what I built. I captured all of the necessary data in an Airtable database so that it can be linked as needed and used to populate a number of PDF documents, the on-the-fly and in one click.

Project Goals

Reduce the toil of manual data entry on all projects overseen by the client.

Project Challenges

We needed a reliable and repeatable workflow that can be used by a number of people, allowing them to select any of 10 different source PDF documents to have populated.

PDF.co is used for

PDF.co was used to determine the structure of each document, extract each document’s field names, and have those mapped to different database values.

PDF.co Results

Using PDF.co reduced the time to fill documents by more than 90%

Connect with Stephen O’Grady for your next automation project:

Website: sogrady.com

Email: hello@sogrady.com

Phone: (415) 858-6688