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Lior - Lior Vaknin

Location: Israel

Automation Expert, specialize in creating Leads responses using Whatsapp, Sending automated price quotes, and other automated solutions

Skills: Web API, Airtable, Integromat, WordPress, Zapier



Phone: 972545656675 Project Showcase

Client/Project Industry

Accounting, Aviation/Aerospace, Commercial Real Estate, Cosmetics

Client Name

I have created an automated price quote for a large beer manufacturer that does B2B beer delivery during Covid

Company Size

11-100 employees.

Project Summary

The frustrated customer has switched from hundreds of hours of producing price quotes manually to a single click of a button

Project Goals

to release the beer factory staff to do other more important things

Project Challenges

Selecting the right CRM SW to match the team’s needs, it had to be simple to use and yet intuitive so that when a customer is on the phone, it would be possible to generate a quote while talking and in real-time is used for

Once it is decided what are the products, amounts, and such, was wrapping a google document and turns it to a PDF Results

A PDF that is slick, beautiful, fast, and reliable to be sent to the customer using automation

Project Screenshots:

project screenshot

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Phone: 972545656675