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Alexander Zhitmarev

Alexander Zhitmarev

Location: Worldwide

I am a no-code developer. I do business process automation and develop web applications on Bubble, Make (ex Integromat), and Airtable.

Skills: Web API, ByteScout On-Prem Tools (API Server, PDF Extractor, Data Extraction, and PDF SDKs), Airtable, Integromat, WordPress, Zapier,, no-code, business process automation, API



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Client/Project Industry


Client Name

Fulfillment services for e-commerce

Company Size

11-100 employees.

Project Summary

Every day, the client receives an e-mail from a supplier with a 50-page PDF invoice. The client needs to modify the document and forward it to a delivery department.
Modify the document was time-consuming and caused human factor errors, as it contained the following actions:
1 – Download a document from e-mail and rename it
2 – Split the document into 50 separate pages (50 invoices)
3 – Add a purchase order after each invoice
4 – Copy the bar-code from the invoice to the relevant purchase order
5 – Combine all the invoices and purchase orders into a new 100-page document (invoice 1 – purchase order 1, invoice 2 – purchase order 2, etc..)
6 – Send the document to the delivery department by e-mail

Before, one of the employees manually did all the processes. It took about 1 hour every day, causing errors, and delays between receiving the supplier’s e-mail and starting the process.

I used Integromat to make a workflow that does all the things automatically. From immediately getting an attachment from e-mail to preparing the new document and sending it to a delivery department.

So, since December of 2021 the process has been working and making the client a bit happier and more effective)

Project Goals

1 – Save employees working time
2 – Decrease errors in the final document
3 – Increase the speed of processing a document
4 – Increase response speed to the supplier inquire

Project Challenges

There were some technical issues in the integration of and Integromat, which sometimes caused unexpected interruptions in the scenario. But thanks to the support of, they took these problems into account and have updated the integration. Since the update, everything works fine. is used for

The whole process of modification of the document was made using Splitting, Merging, Reading, and generating bar codes. Results

1 – Employee saves around 22 hours a month
2 – The modified document contains no errors anymore
3 – The delivery department got the modified document in 15-30 min right after the supplier’s inquiry instead of 2-6 hours as it was before

Project Screenshots:

CDEK - pdf Integromat - Google Chrome - Alexander Zhitmarev

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