Parse a Blood Report PDF using Document Parser – Step-by-Step

  1. Go to Document Parser Page
  2. Load the Sample Document
  3. Add Objects
  4. Run template
  5. Result
  6. Save your template

In this step-by-step tutorial with screenshots, I’m going to show you how to parse a blood report PDF using Document Parser.

You’re going to use this sample blood report PDF for this tutorial:

Screenshot of Sample Blood Report PDF
Screenshot of Sample Blood Report PDF

First, log in to your account here.

Step 1 – Go to Document Parser Page

  • After logging in you will be redirected to your dashboard page
  • Go to the Document Parser page by clicking the Document Parser menu
  • Then, click the new template option Document Parser page

Step 2 – Load the Sample Document

  • Once you’re on the template editor page, load your sample document to be used for your template

Load sample document

Step 3 – Add Objects

  • We will use Add FIELD from RECTANGLE selection for getting our Patients Name and Report Date
  • As for our Test Results, we will use Add TABLE from RECTANGLE selection

Add objects

Add field from rectangle selection

Add table from rectangle selection

Step 4 – Run template

  • Once you’re finished adding objects, you may now run the template that you created

Run template

Step 5 – Result

  • Here’s the result of our Blood Report PDF
Document Parser Result
Document Parser Result

Step 6 – Save your template

  • Once you’re satisfied with the result, don’t forget to save your template

Save template

You can see your templates on your Document Parser page:

Screenshot of Created Templates
Screenshot of Created Templates

You’ve learned how to parse a blood report PDF using Document Parser through this tutorial.

Parse a Blood Report – Video