In this tutorial, we will show you how to extract tables containing text from PDF using and Integromat.

    1. Create A Scenario
    2. Google Drive App
    3. Download A File
    4. Google Drive Connection
    5. App
    6. Parse A Document
    7. Configure Module
    8. Parsed Table Output
    9. Video Guide

We will use this 2-page sample PDF and extract the table items that span in two pages.


Sample Source File
Sample Source File

Step 1: Create A Scenario

First, click on the Create A Scenario button in the upper right corner of your dashboard.

Step 2: Google Drive App

Now, you will Create a New Scenario, click the Google Drive App as our App event.
Google Drive App

Step 3: Download a File

Under Google Drive, select Download a File so we can use the file in the module.
Download A File

Step 4: Google Drive Connection

Under Google Drive Connection, we will create a connection to Google Drive.

  • In the Enter a File ID field, choose the Select from the list to fill out your File ID.
  • For the Choose a Drive field, select the My Drive.
  • Under the File ID field, choose the folder where your file resides.
    Google Drive Connection

Step 5: App

Let’s add another module. This time select so we can call the module to extract table contents.

Add Another Module

Step 6: Parse a Document

Under, select the Parse a Document module to automatically read invoices, reports, orders, statements, and other documents with fields and tables.

Parse A Document

Step 7: Configure Module

Under Connection, you will add your connection.

  • In the Input File field, select the Import a file from the URL.
  • Under the URL field, input the URL of the source PDF, image, or document.
  • Enter the template ID in the Document Parser Template ID to parse a document in your file. Connection

Step 8: Parsed Table Output

Great! The test was successful. In the inline result, you will see all the table line items from 1 to 45.

Test Result


Create Document Parser Template

We will show you how to create the template to extract a multi-page table.

Load Test PDF

Click the Load Test PDF or Image button to open the PDF document that you will use for your template.

Load PDF Images


Next, click on the Add Object button on the upper left corner and select Add FIELD based on TEXT SEARCH.

Add Object

Name and Regex

You can rename the object in the Name field. Make sure to check the Regex box when using any Text Search objects.

Regex Box


Add Total Object Expression

You can either add expressions in the Expression field or directly in the Edit Template window.

Use the expression TOTAL{{Spaces}}({{Number}}) to parse the Total.

Total Object

Add TABLE Field Based on TEXT SEARCH

Now, click on the Add Object button and select the Add TABLE Field based on TEXT SEARCH.

Table Field

Add Table Object Expression

In the Edit Template window, add the start and end expressions as well as necessary rows and columns. Then, set the multipage to true.

  "start": {
    "expression": "Item{{Spaces}}Description{{Spaces}}Price",
    "regex": true
  "end": {
    "expression": "TOTAL{{Spaces}}{{Number}}",
    "regex": true
  "row": {
    "expression": "{{LineStart}}{{Spaces}}(?{{Digits}}){{Spaces}}(?{{SentenceWithSingleSpaces}}){{Spaces}}(?{{Number}}){{Spaces}}(?{{Digits}}){{Spaces}}(?{{Number}})",
    "regex": true
  "columns": [
      "name": "itemNo",
      "dataType": "integer"
      "name": "description",
      "dataType": "string"
      "name": "price",
      "dataType": "decimal"
      "name": "qty",
      "dataType": "integer"
      "name": "extPrice",
      "dataType": "decimal"
  "multipage": true

Then Run the template to make sure there are no errors.


Parsed Table Output

Here’s the parsed table line items output.

Source File Output
Source File Output

In this tutorial, you learned how to extract tables containing text from PDF using the Parse a Document module in Integromat. You also learned how to create a Document Parser template.

Video Guide