Extract Scanned Receipt Text – Integromat Guide

  1. Sample Scanned PDF Receipt
  2. Create Scenario
  3. Select Download A File
  4. Configure Google Drive Module
  5. Run Google Drive Module
  6. Add PDF.co Module
  7. Select Parse A Document
  8. Setup PDF.co Module
  9. Parse A Document Result

Step 1: Sample Scanned PDF Receipt

In this tutorial, we will show you how to automatically extract text from hundreds of scanned PDF receipts using PDF.co and Integromat.

We will extract all text from this scanned PDF receipt except for the Bill to address and Ship to address. To follow along, you can get the scanned PDF receipt here and the template here.

Sample Scanned PDF Receipt
Sample Scanned PDF Receipt

Step 2: Create Scenario

First, let’s create a Scenario and access our scanned PDF receipt inside Google Drive.

Create New Scenario

Step 3: Select Download A File

Next, select the Download a File module.

Select Download A File Module

Step 4: Configure Google Drive Module

Then, let’s configure the Download a File module.

  • In the Connection field, select the Google Drive you want to connect to Integromat.
  • In the Enter a File ID field, choose the Select from the list option.
  • In the Choose a Drive field, select the My Drive or Google Drive where the file is stored.
  • In the File ID field, choose the scanned PDF receipt’s file name.

Configure Google Drive Module

Step 5: Run Google Drive Module

Let’s run the module to make sure that it’s set up correctly.

Run The Google Drive Module

Step 6: Add PDF.co Module

Let’s add another module and choose the PDF.co.

Add PDF.co Module

Step 7: Select Parse A Document

Then, select the Parse a Document module to extract text from the scanned PDF receipt.

Select Parse A Document Module

Step 8: Setup PDF.co Module

Let’s set up the Parse a Document module.

  • In the Input File field, select the Upload a File option.
  • In the Source File field, choose the Google Drive – Download a File.
  • In the Document Parser Template ID field, enter the template’s ID. We have a guide on how we made the template for this document below.

Configure PDF.co Module

Step 9: Parse A Document Result

When you run the Scenario, the PDF.co Parse a Document module will return the extracted text from the scanned PDF receipt.


Parsed Text From Scanned PDF Receipt
Parsed Text From Scanned PDF Receipt


Step 10: Template Creation Guide

In this step, we will show you can create the template for this specific scanned PDF receipt.

First, open the Document Parser in your PDF.co account. Click on the New Template link to open the Online Template Editor. Here’s a direct link https://app.pdf.co/document-parser/templates/new

Next, click on the Load Test PDF or Image button to open the scanned PDF receipt. You can either copy and paste the sample template here in the Edit Template to run the template right away or start from scratch.

Online Template Editor
Then, click on the +Add Object button and select the Add FIELD based on TEXT SEARCH. This is the object that we will use to parse all the non-table text such as the Company Name.

To get the Company Name, we can use the $$funcFindCompany special function. This will return the first company name that it finds in the document. You can add it in the Expression field. Make sure to check the Regex box every time you use the special functions, macros, and regular expressions.

Parse Company Name
To get the Receipt #, add RECEIPT{{Spaces}}#{{Spaces}}(?<value>{{AnythingGreedy}}) in the Expression field and check the Regex check box.

Parse Receipt Number
Getting the Bill To name and Ship To name is a bit complex. You can use {{LineStart}}{{Spaces}}(?<value>{{SentenceWithSingleSpaces}}){{Spaces}}{{SentenceWithSingleSpaces}}{{Spaces}}RECEIPT DATE to get the Bill To name and {{LineStart}}{{Spaces}}{{SentenceWithSingleSpaces}}{{Spaces}}(?<value>{{SentenceWithSingleSpaces}}){{Spaces}}RECEIPT DATE to get the Ship To name.

To get the table items, we will use the ADD TABLE field based on TEXT SEARCH object. Add the following to the Expression field to get all the items and click the Run Template button to see the result.

  "start": {
    "expression": "QTY{{Spaces}}DESCRIPTION",
    "regex": true
  "end": {
    "expression": "Subtotal{{Spaces}}{{Number}}",
    "regex": true
  "row": {
    "expression": "{{LineStart}}{{Spaces}}(?{{Digits}}){{Spaces}}(?{{SentenceWithSingleSpaces}}){{Spaces}}(?{{Number}}){{Spaces}}(?{{Number}})",
    "regex": true
  "columns": [
      "name": "qty",
      "dataType": "integer"
      "name": "description",
      "dataType": "string"
      "name": "unitPrice",
      "dataType": "decimal"
      "name": "amount",
      "dataType": "decimal"

Parse Table Items
You can save the template and get the Template ID by clicking on the Save Template and Return button.

In this tutorial, you learned how to automate text extraction from hundreds of scanned PDF receipts using PDF.co and Integromat. You familiarized yourself with the PDF.co Document Parser Online Template Editor and how to use the different objects, special functions, and macros to search and parse text. You also learned how to set up the Google Drive module to automatically fetch source files such as the scanned PDF receipt.

Extract Scanned Receipt Text – Video Guide