All new arrivals to the UK are required to fill out a mandatory passenger locator form which was effective from 8th June 2020. A passenger locater form is used by the UK to obtain information about incoming passengers before international travel.

The information required includes contact, journey, and stay details. You should fill out the UK passenger locater form and submit it electronically within 48 hours before you land in the UK.

The main purpose of the Passenger Locator Form is to make contact tracing easier for contagious diseases and minimize their spread.

  1. How to Fill the Passenger Locator Form
  2. How to Prove Your Vaccination Status While Traveling to the UK
  3. Conclusion

How to Fill the Passenger Locator Form

Who Should Fill Out the Passenger Locator Form?

All passengers traveling by plane, train, and ferry must fill in the Passenger Locator Form. When you are traveling, you need to show your form before boarding a plane, train, or ferry to the UK.

In addition, passengers traveling to the UK on a cruise lasting for 19 days or less submit their forms in the 48hrs before boarding. If your cruise is longer, you can submit your form while traveling.

Adults must fill in their forms. However, when you are traveling with a person below 18 years, you can include them in your Passenger Locator Form and you must stay at the same UK address and if entering Scotland, the person must be under 16 years.

Who Should Not Fill in the Passenger Locator Form?

You do not need to fill in the form if you are traveling from the following places.

  • UK (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland)
  • The Republic of Ireland
  • The Channel Islands
  • Isle of Man
  • When your job displays you are exempt
  • When you are transiting through the UK, you may not need to fill in the form.

If you were outside {UK, Ireland, Channel Islands, or the Isle of Man} within 10 days before arrival to the UK, then you must fill in the form.

Details and Documents Needed to Fill in the Passenger Locator Form

  • Your passport or other relevant travel documents
  • Your travel details such as the dates, time, and destination
  • Your contact, email address, and address of the place you will stay in the UK
  • Booking reference numbers for any contagious disease tests you must take after arrival in the UK
  • The invoice number for your quarantine hotel booking
  • Details about whether you are vaccinated and where you were vaccinated
  • If any information changes after submitting your form, you must complete a new form.

How to Prove Your Vaccination Status While Traveling to the UK

  • Use your NHS contagious disease pass
  • Show your NHS contagious disease vaccination certificate
  • Share your EU Digital contagious disease certificate
  • Share your NHS Scotland vaccination status

Conclusion –UK Passenger Locator Form

Contagious diseases have led to the UK putting strict measures to prevent its spread. The UK ensures that all passengers arriving must be safe. The particulars that you give will be used to contact you in case, someone, you traveled with develops symptoms of a contagious disease.

Therefore, you should give accurate information to help the authorities save lives.