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In the insurance world, there are different kinds of claims filed for different insurance policies. These claims cut across all aspects of life. Both individuals and organizations file for insurance claims. The most filed insurance claims are:

Healthcare Insurance Claim

Healthcare insurance (including dental and vision) claims are usually filed by the healthcare service providers contracted by the insurer. The insurer pays its percentage to the provider after the claim has been verified. On the other hand, the assurer pays the provider directly for copayments as agreed in the insurance policy. In some instances, the assurer may fill a form and submit the bills to the insurer.

Car Insurance Claim

When an assurer gets in a vehicular accident, they are required to file for a claim. This process must be done regardless if there is car damage or physical injuries. Even if another driver is at fault, the assurer is expected to file a claim if the insurer of the other driver refuses to provide coverage. Additionally, some drivers may be uninsured. Thus, payment may not be forthcoming from them. A car insurance claim may cover physical injuries, collision, property damage, and more.

Homeowner Insurance Claims

The assurer is expected to file a claim with their assurer if damage occurs to the insured property. Such damaged may include windstorm damage, plumbing damage, and fire. When other persons are injured in the incident, the insurer must be notified. The insurance company would provide coverage if the injured persons decide to sue. However, homeowner insurance claims usually do not provide coverage to natural disasters.

Life Insurance Claim

A life insurance claim is the only claim that is not filed by the assurer. The beneficiary of the policy files the claim after the death of the assurer. The beneficiary must submit forms together with a death certificate that specifies the manner of the demise of the assurer. Depending on the jurisdiction, there may be a timeframe for the payout of a claim.

Natural Disaster Insurance Claim

There are various types of natural disasters that are covered by insurance. Such natural disasters include earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, and more. Natural disasters insurance coverages are separate from homeowner insurance. Therefore, the claims are filed separately. As such, although a national insurance program provides flood insurance coverage, the claim must be filed through a commercial insurer.

Third-Party Insurance Claim

This sort of insurance claim is filed in the case of a vehicle accident involving a third party or injury while visiting another residence. When a car accident occurs, an individual can file for a claim with the insurer of the other involved person, especially if the third-party is at fault. Likewise, an individual that gets injured in another residence as a result of the negligence of the homeowner can file for such type of claim.

Rental Insurance Claim

Just like a homeowner’s insurance claim, the rental insurance claim allows an assurer to file a claim for damage to properties. However, the claim only covers damage to personal properties and injuries to others.


Different types of insurance claims exist for different kinds of insurance policies owned by individuals. In most cases, assurers are required to filed insurance claims before a payout is made. The payout, on the other hand, is subject to verification of the claim by the insurer. Inconsistencies or fabrications in a claim can prompt an insurer to refuse to payout an assurer.

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