PDF.co has been a great tool!

I had to automate a flow from the JIRA service desk to bind an issue and generate PDF. It was pretty straightforward but generating PDF was troublesome. That's how I landed on PDF.co. Although I have used most of the credits of the account on the first day and didn't get to try more. despite the fact, by the little time I had with PDF.co, felt amazing.

Rahul Mohoto

CS Student

Finally found PDF.co and am very happy now!

I’ve been struggling with PDF documents (reading text from PDF documents and searching for a text inside), we use a lot of different ones, and it’s always been difficult to find one API and that can do everything we need at an affordable price. Well, I’ve just stumbled across PDF.co (PDF.co Document Parser and PDF text search), what a difference it’s made! I’m sure most of you know it, but if you don’t and you want to manipulate PDFs – check it out. I’m doing stuff automatically that I wasn’t able to do manually with Adobe Acrobat. I wish I’d found it earlier.

Howard London Jennings

Thanks for your help, from a very happy customer!

I had this problem (Word Doc (on Dropbox) to PDF conversion) and you have responded swiftly and fixed it. I am so chuffed to get this part of my workflow working and really grateful for the extra credits (…the icing on the cake). Thanks for your help, from a very happy customer!

Allan W.

Solutions Architect

The template for PDF.co Document Parser is perfect

You guys are amazing. The template for PDF.co Document Parser is perfect, works perfect. For sure I will subscribe soon to integrate all this stuff in my business.


Desguace de Árbol

You guys rock!

Philip Gomez

Patty’s Cakes and Desserts

You have a great product, my compliments!



PDF.co Works with Zapier like a Dream

PDF.co makings working with PDFs + Zapier a dream. No more manually entering in data from my invoices. Love it!

Brian Dao