Value-Added Tax in Pakistan

The unprecedented success of consumption-based Value Added Tax emergence in developed countries greatly influenced its [...]

Value Added Tax In Switzerland

Value Added Tax (VAT) is a kind of tax that is imposed on goods and services This is done at every stage value is added [...]

Value-Added Tax in Kenya

Kenya’s tax regime includes income tax, customs, excise duty, and value-added tax or VAT Value-Added Tax in Kenya was [...]

Value-Added Tax in Spain

Value Added Tax in Spain is a consumer tax charged on the supply or importation of taxable goods or services in Spain [...]

Complete Information about VAT Germany

As Germany is a member of the EU hence, EU VAT Directive allows member countries to charge at least 17% VAT But, [...]

Value-Added Tax in France

VAT returns in France Depending on the volume of the company's French activities, the companies registered in France [...]

All You Need to Know about VAT in India

The Goods and Services Tax evolution in India started in the year 2000 when a committee was made to propose legislation [...]

Value-Added Tax in Japan

CT in Japan In Japan, Consumption tax (CT) is parallel to value-added tax (VAT) or general sales tax (GST); [...]

VAT in South Africa

South Africa introduced Value Added Tax (VAT) in 1991 levied at 14% to replace General Sales Tax (GST) which was being [...]

Value-Added Tax in Mexico

Value-added tax or simply VAT is a form of taxation levied on many products and services consumed in a country The VAT [...]