PDF.co solutions for insurance optimize document handling (claims, loss run reports, policy documents, fact sheets), and improve customer satisfaction by speeding up all business processes and reducing time and costs on manual labor.



Reduce time on manual data entry for essential insurance documents (loss run reports, claim forms)

Extract data from insurance documentation

Intelligent data extraction from claim forms, loss run reports, policy documents

Speed up data-driven processes

Automatically process documents used in claims, onboarding, adjudication, compliance check, and policy underwriting

Replace manual labor in routine tasks

Replace old-fashioned manual document handling and improve customer experience

Convert scanned images and papers into editable documents

Paperwork can be converted into easy-to-handle formats in order to facilitate and streamline accurate work with data

Automate performance and compliance check

Automatically check if you meet document-related regulatory requirements

Accurately process high loads of invoices and forms

Automate processing, classification and archiving of multiple forms and invoices, search and extract valuable structured data