PDF.co solutions for healthcare optimize data management and improve document-driven business processes with automatic data extraction from medical documentation, patient reports, and invoices, faster data processing speed, and improved data accuracy.



Automate data extraction from medical documents, health records, patient reports, and invoices

Extract data from medical documentation

Extract and process information from medical forms, health records, and patient reports

Speed up billing and claims processing

Extract, classify and analyze data with highly accurate OCR to enable timeless claims processing and billing

Reduce time and cost on manual labor

Speed up data entry and verification using automatic extraction tools and text search

Process forms and health records

Process electronic forms and health records for improved management and sorting tasks

Automate routine business processes in the hospital

Automatically process any data: split, merge, create and repair PDF files

Boost security of medical documents

Lock all medical documentation with accurate data protection. Detect and redact PII and sensitive data