How Sky Pilot Soared to New Heights with

How Sky Pilot Soared to New Heights with

Sky Pilot is a well-loved digital download app available on Shopify, catering to merchants who sell digital downloads.

By leveraging’s powerful API, Sky Pilot was able to quickly and efficiently integrate PDF stamping—a feature long requested by their users—into their existing platform.

The Challenge

Sky Pilot was facing the challenge of providing a PDF stamping solution to help their customers sell digital downloads more securely and prevent unauthorized content sharing.

As a small team of just two developers, creating an in-house solution to tackle this issue would have been near impossible, requiring weeks of custom development, testing, and debugging.

The Solution

Enter Sky Pilot used’s simple yet powerful APIs to effortlessly integrate PDF stamping into their existing app. All they had to do was send an API request with the file link, text, and position to get the PDF stamped, and the job was done.

Not only did this save them valuable development time, but it also allowed them to quickly gauge user interest in this new feature. allowed us to easily implement PDF stamping, a feature our users have been asking for. With, we saved weeks of development time, and the feedback has been fantastic. Our users love the new feature, and we are planning on further enhancing it in the future.

The Sky Pilot Team

Key Benefits of

Speedy Integration
Sky Pilot was able to integrate, test, and deploy the PDF stamping feature in just a matter of days, thanks to's straightforward API endpoints.
Monitoring and Analysis’s logging feature helped Sky Pilot track who is using the stamping feature and how much it costs, allowing them to make informed decisions for future scaling.
Efficient Use of Developer Time
Sky Pilot saved weeks of developer time that would have otherwise been spent on custom development, allowing them to focus on other key areas of their business.
Superior Customer Support
The support team was responsive and helpful, addressing Sky Pilot’s queries quickly and efficiently.

Future Plans

Encouraged by the initial success and positive user feedback, Sky Pilot is planning to further optimize their PDF stamping feature by enabling stamping at the point of order creation, so the files are ready for customers instantly.

Would Sky Pilot Recommend

“Absolutely. If you are looking for an easy-to-implement solution for PDF stamping or any other document processing needs, is the way to go."

To learn more about Sky Pilot, visit their website.