Solutions for Banking

Solutions for Banking solutions for banking help improve document management by replacing papers with digital files by data being structured, searched, exported, and processed. Digitization of business helps prevent fraud and meet regulatory requirements as well as boost revenue and reduces costs.


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Reduce time and costs to process banking documents

Extract data from banking documentation

Swift data extraction from reports, statements, invoices, agreements, and bills

Speed up mortgage loan processing

Automatically extract, classify, and export mortgage applications data for faster processing

Replace manual work in routine daily tasks

Replace paper document handling with banking digitization and improve customer satisfaction

Transform scanned images and papers into structured documents

Convert unstructured files into digital documents to review, analyze, and export valuable data

Boost risk management and prevent fraud

Improve the validation and compliance check of banking documents

Search and redact sensitive data

Create searchable documents where you can easily detect and remove PII

How Can Help in Banking

  • Extract tables & text from scanned invoices, orders & electronic PDF invoices as well as other documents;
  • Get fully structured data from tables in scanned PDFs and mixed PDF reports;
  • Perform an advanced search based on complex queries within PDF files using pattern-based search and Reg Ex;
  • Get structured information from unstructured reports with the help of AI-based meta-document analysis capable of detecting header, font, and text styles;
  • Extract attached PDF documents from incoming emails;
  • Automated reading from incoming documents is available to proceed with extracting from fields, tables, and other elements;
  • Sort and classify incoming documents automatically based on AI and custom rules;
  • Merge emails with attachments into a single PDF for further archiving;
  • Convert multiple document formats like ZIP with documents, images, and presentations into a single PDF;
  • Convert scanned PDFs into text-searchable PDFs for further indexing and archiving;
  • Get structured fields and tables from transportation orders/transport orders;
  • Create customized PDF documents from HTML or PDF templates;
  • Insert scanned signatures into PDF documents;
  • Extract text and tables from bank statements.

Thanks for your help, from a very happy customer!

I had this problem [Word Doc (on Dropbox) to PDF conversion] and you have responded swiftly and fixed it. I am so chuffed to get this part of my workflow working and really grateful for the extra credits (…the icing on the cake). Thanks for your help, from a very happy customer!

Allan W., Solutions Architect


Finally found and am very happy now!

I’ve been struggling with PDF documents [reading text from PDF documents and searching for a text inside], we use a lot of different ones, and it’s always been difficult to find one API and that can do everything we need at an affordable price. Well, I’ve just stumbled across [ Document Parser and PDF text search], what a difference it’s made! I’m sure most of you know it, but if you don’t and you want to manipulate PDFs – check it out. I’m doing stuff automatically that I wasn’t able to do manually with Adobe Acrobat. I wish I’d found it earlier.

Howard L. J. (source: Facebook group)

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