LOKTAH - Joshua Smith


Joshua Smith


Location: United States

LOKTAH is a professional photo, fine art, and press printing lab.

Skills: PDF.co API platform, Integromat / Make, Zapier

Website: https://www.loktah.com



PDF.co Project Showcase

Client/Project Industry

Arts/Crafts, Photography, Printing

Client Name

Company Size

10,001-50,000 employees.

Project Summary

To create a system that detects data within an HTML invoice and determines what department the order goes to, then sets the order turnaround time based on a certain amount of business days excluding holidays.

Project Goals

Eliminate the need for an employee to manually write order turnaround time info on each order invoice and print each invoice.

Project Challenges

Finding a solution that would properly convert HTML to PDF without breaking the pages was not easy but with PDFco it worked properly the first time. PDFco also solved the difficulty of adding the turnaround time data on the page based on information pulled from a Trello card via api. We also needed a solution that would automatically send the PDF generated to a local printer within production and found PrintNode a great solution.

PDF.co is used for

We use it to convert html order invoices to PDF and add text within a certain part of the first page.

PDF.co Results

PDFco has saved us 2 to 3 hours of manual labor every week and eliminates the possibility of human error.

Project Screenshots:

loktah project screenshot

Connect with Joshua Smith for your next automation project:

Website: https://www.loktah.com