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Location: Australia

We have 20 years of building online solutions in various industries. Business automation experts and well-experienced with service.

Skills: Web API, .NET, Airtable, ASP Classic, ASP.NET, C#, Integromat, Javascript, PHP, VBA Scripts, Visual Basic .NET, WordPress, Pipedream, Meta API



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Client/Project Industry

Consumer Services, Financial Services, Food/Beverages

Client Name

Digital loyalty cards for cafés and restaurants

Company Size

1-10 employees.

Project Summary

Automate the creation of PDFs for businesses using the loyalty card service. The solution we designed and built saves hours of manual work each day.

Project Goals

Save employee time by automating the creation of PDFs
Eliminate errors that happened when this is done manually
Enable the business to be more nimble by changing a process that takes hours to take minutes

Project Challenges

Create PDFs that are consistent in layout and ready for industrial printers
Merge a collection of PDFs into a single PDF is used for

The APIs add a lot of value to our project – we could deliver our project to our client much earlier thanks to a set of robust and intuitive APIs. Pricing makes perfect sense, as you pay for what you use. Results

A quick turnaround related to anything to do with the PDF part of the project. Saved us a lot of development time.

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