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Francisco Lozano

Francisco Lozano - Code Blocks

Location: Worldwide

Salesforce Admin/Developer with extensive experience working with Callbacks (REST APIs) and RestResources

Skills: API platform, Javascript, PHP, SalesForce, Zapier



Phone: +503-72677832 Project Showcase

Client/Project Industry


Client Name

A USA Association founded in 1949 for the promotion about interest in rare and antiquarian books and book collecting

Company Size

100-1,000 employees.

Project Summary

Merge Several types of documents from a Custom Record. These documents come from a FomAssembly form filled out by Applicants.

Project Goals

Merge the set of documents from a Custom record in the order they were received plus add an initial Index page describing the documents that were merged.

Project Challenges

– To Merge only PDFs, there are a lot of APIs to handle, but to merge XLSX, DOCX, JPEG, PNG, and PDF all together without having to call several APIs and handling many different errors the best option was
– Salesforce can’t download (from Apex) something bigger than 12 MB on an Asynchronous call so I took advantage of the Compress option to make those files bigger than 6MB smaller to make sure I will be able to download the Merged PDF. is used for

– Merge PDF
– Merge and convert all kinds of files into a single PDF
– Compress PDF files bigger than 6 MB Results

– There’s no standard functionality inside Salesforce that would allow me to make the merge or I would have had to offer the client an extra expensive solution like Adobe when all they required was to merge the files now they can just buy a small credit package to start until they know what is their monthly average to take a monthly or yearly plan.

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Phone: +503-72677832