PDF.co vs PDF Data NPM Package: Review and Compare

PDF.co vs PDF Data NPM Package

PDF.co is an on-demand web API that makes your PDF handling a lot easier with the use of our many features such as pdf generator, data extraction, pdf manipulation, document parsing, document conversion, form filling, creating fillable pdfs, and much more.

NPM is a critical part of the JavaScript community and helps support one of the largest developer ecosystems in the world.

PDF.co vs PDF Data NPM Package: Features

PDF Data NPM Package Features

  • Unlimited Public Packages
    • Bring the best of open-source JavaScript development to your own projects.
  • Unlimited Private Packages
    • Seamlessly integrate public and private packages into your development cycle.
  • Package-based Permissions
    • Add collaborators to work on your public and private packages together.

PDF.co Features

  • PDF Extractor
    • Extracts PDF data into XML
    • Extracts PDF data into JSON
    • Extracts PDF data into HTML
    • Extracts PDF data into JPG/JPEG
    • Extracts PDF data into CSV
    • Extracts PDF data into XLS/XLSX
    • Extracts PDF data into TXT
    • Parse Documents
  • Edit/Fill PDF
    • Makes adding signature, text, and image to PDF easier
    • Can create/fill fillable PDF forms easily
  • Barcode Tools
    • Generate/Read all 1D or 2D barcode types
    • Can scan barcodes from images, PDF files, and from a link
  • PDF Tools
    • Can merge/split PDF easily
    • Adding/Removing the security of a PDF file made easy
    • Can optimize your PDF file for a lower file size
    • PDF Translator that supports 73 languages
    • Search/Replace Texts in PDF
    • Make your PDF searchable
  • PDF Generation
    • Generates PDF using an HTML code
    • Generates PDF using a link to a website
    • Converts Excel file into PDF
    • Converts Images into PDF
    • Converts documents into PDF
    • Converts emails into PDF
  • Other Features
    • Built-in OCR
    • Remove sensitive data

PDF.co: Outputs

We’ll be extracting the data of this sample PDF into JSON, XML, and CSV:

Screenshot of Source PDF
Screenshot of Source PDF

Here are some sample outputs using PDF.co:

Output of PDF to JSON using PDF.co
Output of PDF to JSON using PDF.co
Output of PDF to XML using PDF.co
Output of PDF to XML using PDF.co
Output of PDF to CSV using PDF.co
Output of PDF to CSV using PDF.co