PDF.co vs CloudConvert: Review and Compare

PDF.co vs CloudConvert

CloudConvert is a cloud-based file converter. Supports nearly all audio, video, document, ebook, archive, image, spreadsheets, and presentation formats.

PDF.co is an automation and API platform for PDF, Barcodes, Data Extraction, and Data Transformations. It also provides online tools for performing essential PDF-related functionalities such as
splitting/merging PDF, document parsing, filling PDF forms, HTML to PDF conversation, PDF data extraction to various formats, barcode reader, etc.

PDF.co vs CloudConvert: Features

CloudConvert Features

200+ Formats Supported

  • Audio,
  • Video,
  • Document,
  • Ebook,
  • Archive,
  • Image,
  • Spreadsheets,
  • Presentation Formats.


  • Convert Files,
  • Optimize Files,
  • Capture Websites,
  • Merge Files,
  • Archives.

Data Security

  • SSL Encrypted Transfer,
  • Implemented OAuth 2.0 Standard.

High-Quality Conversions

  • Using open-source software under the hood,
  • Partnered with various software vendors to provide the best possible results,
  • Most conversion types can be adjusted to your needs such as setting the quality and many other options.

Powerful API

  • API allows custom integrations with your app,
  • Pay only for what you actually use,
  • Provide a lot of handy features such as full Amazon S3 integration.

PDF.co Features

Powerful PDF Tools

  • Merge PDF, split PDF, delete pages from PDF,
  • Add text and images to PDF,
  • Fill out PDF forms,
  • Render PDF to JPG, PNG, or TIFF,
  • Turn scanned documents into text Searchable PDF,
  • Delete text and replace text in PDF,
  • Apply & remove security in PDF.

PDF to Image

  • PDF to JPG,
  • PDF to PNG,
  • PDF to TIFF,
  • PDF to WEBP.

Extract Structured Data

  • Extract data and tables from PDF scans as JSON, CSV, XML, or structured text,
  • Read fields and tables from pdf and scanned documents,
  • Search inside PDF and scanned images,
  • Built-in OCR recognition support,
  • Support for malformed and damaged PDF.

Generate PDF

  • Generate PDF from HTML templates,
  • Generate PDF from DOC, DOCX, RTF, TXT, XPS,
  • Convert Images to PDF (JPG to PDF, PNG to PDF, TIFF to PDF),
  • Generate PDF from XLSX, XLS, and CSV.

Barcode Tools

  • Generate/Read all 1D or 2D barcode types,
  • Can scan barcodes from images, PDF files, and a link.

PDF.co Security

  • User and Owner Passwords,
  • Automatic File Removal,
  • RC4 40-Bit Encryption,
  • RC4 128-Bit Encryption,
  • AES 128-Bit Encryption,
  • AES 256-Bit Encryption,
  • Document Modification Restriction,
  • Document Content Extraction Restriction,
  • Document HTTP User and Pass Authentication.

Other Features

  • Built-in OCR,
  • Remove sensitive data,
  • Optical Marks Reader (OMR) Support.

PDF.co vs CloudConvert: Source and Outputs

PDF to Image Conversion Sample PDF.

Sample Source PDF
Sample Source PDF

PDF to Image PDF.co Output

PDF to Image PDF.co Output
PDF to Image PDF.co Output

PDF to Image CloudConvert Output

PDF to Image CloudConvert Output
PDF to Image CloudConvert Output

PDF.co vs CloudConvert: Integrations

PDF.co Integrations

PDF.co has over 300+ integrations available:

  • Zapier, Integromat, Bubble, and API for programmers,
  • SharePoint, Office 365, Box, Egnyte, Dropbox, SignNow plus ready-to-use 300+ integrations,
  • Salesforce, Dynamics 365, Zoho, and other CRM systems,
  • RPA UiPath, BluePrism, Automation Anywhere,
  • RapidAPI.

CloudConvert Integrations

CloudConvert integrations available:

  • Amazon S3,
  • Zapier,
  • Integromat.