Important Notice: Are You Seeing Unknown Credit Card Charges?

Warning: Unknown Credit Card Charges

If you are seeing credit card charges labeled as, or, or, or anything similar, know that these charges are NOT from If unknown charges following this format (PDF + a letter or number .co) appear in your statement, please contact your bank immediately.

Quick Facts:

  • Charges like,,, etc., are not associated with
  • We did not charge your card if you see these names.

What Should You Do?

  1. Contact Your Bank ASAP: Request a chargeback. You can usually find the contact number on the back of your credit card.
  2. PayPal Users: Use the chargeback request page on

Other Info

  • These charges might be a scam, but we don’t know for sure.
  • We’ve asked these sites to change their confusing names, but they haven’t.

Note: Always double-check the website name in your statements, letter by letter.