Latest Update about Web API is currently putting a lot of effort to fight against COVID-19! We offer FREE licenses for developers and organizations who work on coronavirus analysis, treatment, prevention and research projects in non-profits and medical institutions. These are tools for automated data extraction and swift document processing. If you know someone working on these projects, please ask them to not hesitate to CONTACT US.

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Meanwhile, our developers keep working on the major tools and API. Let’s see what has been done so far: Web API (April 8, 2020 update)

  • Postman collection is now available HERE.
  • Document Parser now shows a table-based interface for parsed results.
  • Document Parser is now available via Web API.
  • /pdf/edit/add endpoint now can add images and text with links.
    new /file/delete endpoint that you can use to explicitly remove uploaded or generated files.
  • Zapier plugin for now includes PDF Filler action and also improves Anything to PDF converter.
  • Zapier plugin provides better error-reporting now.
  • HTML to PDF via API was improved to fix slow speed on some pages.
  • Continuous updates to the latest ByteScout engines with bug-fixes and improvements;
  • Minor bug-fixes and improvements.

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