A real-estate assignment contract is a piece of legal document that is used to transfer the legal obligations of a party of a contract (property) from one individual to another. That is, it is usually drawn up after a real-estate purchase agreement has been created and signed by the buyer and the seller. Once a real-estate assignment contract is signed, all the legal obligations of real-estate property are legally transferred from the seller to the buyer.

A standard real-estate assignment contract contains the following information.

  • The full names of all the parties involved in the real-estate assignment contract.
  • The full addresses of all the parties involved in the real-estate assignment contract.
  • The price and other costs associated with the property.
  • The date of sale of the property.
  • Term and conditions of sale.

Creating and Signing a Real-Estate Assignment Contract

A real-estate assignment contract can usually be developed using any software application that allows a user to create a word file or a PDF file. pdf.co provides a user the ability to embed an electronic signature using its tools. Below is a picture of an unfilled real estate assignment contract document, which is ready to be filled and signed.

Real-Estate Assignment Contract Document

When the website is opened, an individual can register and verify a new account using an email address. Afterward, an individual can continue to upload a copy of the real-estate assignment contract.

Uploading a Document

A user can upload a document by choosing from the file, Dropbox, and URL. As the file is uploaded, the option below appears.


A person can then select the desired option. The filled uploaded document can be seen below.

Filled Real-Estate Assignment Contract Document

The highlighted options from above are used to fill the document. Additionally, an individual can upload a signature or other documents.

The user can navigate within the document as they fill all the necessary fields. A picture of a signature can be written or uploaded into the file. The snapshot of the signed file is illustrated underneath.

Signed Real-Estate Assignment Contract Document

Using the control options highlighted above, an individual may decide to save the document with a signature certificate and document stamp. Otherwise, a person may decide to only save the document without a signature certificate and a stamp. The signed document appears amongst the list of documents as seen below.

Real-Estate Assignment Contract Document Signed


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