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When looking for an insurance cover, it is customary to look at what is on offer in the insurance market. Depending on what you want, you are likely to check out what we call policy quotes from various insurers before deciding on one.

Before we go into where policy quotes are used, let’s first get what it means.

  1. What is a policy quote?
  2. What to note about policy quotes
  3. What to consider before taking a policy
  4. Where do you get an insurance policy quote?

What is a policy quote?

A policy quote is an estimated insurance price that an insurance company gives to interested policy buyers.

Normally, the company gives these policy quotes so that the potential client can make an informed choice before taking the insurance cover.

A policyholder will usually scout various policy quotes, sampling different companies so as to compare their prices and the different policies on offer.

What to note about policy quotes

The policy quote is determined by several factors. These include:

  1. The kind of information the potential policyholder will provide. The insurer quotes the pricing of the policy according to the information given by the buyer. The clearer and more detailed the information, the more accurate the policy quote.
  2. The magnitude of the risk

Depending on the level of the risk presented to the insurer, the company will offer a policy quote that can cover that risk.

  1. Age

Insurance companies are keen when it comes to age matters. Youngsters will have to part with higher prices since their risk factors are considered more compared to elderly people.  For instance, when taking car insurance, young inexperienced persons are more likely to cause accidents than experienced older ones.

What to consider before taking a policy

As the prospective policy taker, you need to evaluate the available policy options before concluding the best one for you. You need to know the different prices offered by different companies among other factors.

Here are some of the most important factors you need to evaluate.

  1. Cost and payment schedules

You don’t want to commit yourself to an insurance company without finding out about their premiums. Find out the different prices different insurance companies charge for the same service and compare.

Moreover, you need to also know their payment schedule plans to judge if you can manage. Another thing worth noting is the difference in costs if the premiums are paid on a monthly basis or annually. Annual subscriptions are mostly billed cheaper.

  1. Type of policy

The most accurate comparison would have the same insurance policies. This gives you a level ground to pick the best type for you with the best company. If you are interested in life insurance, for instance, check the nature of life insurance policy with 2-3 companies.

  1. Amount of insurance coverage and other services

Find out how much the company will compensate you in case of a risky event. Also, ask about the nature of other services the company offers such as medical insurance cover, liability cover among others.

  1. Know your insurer

Avoid falling into fraudulent insurance companies. Get information about the insurance companies you wish to contact to avoid falling into the wrong hands. Check to see if the insurance company is registered and operational.

Visit financial rating bodies to know the financial status of the insurance companies. Essentially, this will help you during claims processing as you will have paid premiums to a company that is likely to facilitate claims settlement.

Another thing to note is the insurance company’s regulatory compliance, including registration and licensing by relevant regulatory bodies in your jurisdiction. Check out local and online reviews for more insights.

Where do you get an insurance policy quote?

More often than not, a policy quote will just be a call away from you. What needs to happen is for you to decide what insurance policy you want and armed with the information, call an insurance agent or broker.

Policy quotes in the automobile insurance industry will require all the necessary information pertaining to the car and yourself as the potential policyholder.

Once you detail the information, the agent should provide feedback within a relatively short time. That feedback will contain the quote. Remember that the kind of feedback about the quote will very much be in line with the kind of information you provide. And that includes details about the factors noted above.

Alternatively, you can also get a policy quote online. You just visit the insurance policies website and fill in the required details. You should be able to get feedback immediately or in 20minutes time.


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