There are thousands of Americans that work without a contract. However, doing this is tricky, and it opens the person up for abuse from employers. When a worker is employed with a contract they have a legal agreement between them and their employer. This piece of document protects them by giving them legal leverage that prevents their employer from terminating the contract without due process, amongst other things.

What is a Permanent Employment Contract

There are several forms of employment agreements. One such contract is the permanent employment contract. This contract is the most commonly used type in America. Some of the advantages of this type of agreement are discussed below.

Benefits of Permanent Employment Contract

This type of contract offers both employers and employees several advantages, which are discussed below.

Job Stability

Employees are ensured of always having a job as long as they adhere to the terms of the agreement. As a result, an employer cannot randomly sack a worker without any reason. This security allows employees to give their all to a company.


Workers have access to addons such as 401 (k) pension schemes, paid leave, health insurance, and much more. These add-ons increase workers’ satisfaction.

Career Opportunity

Employees are able to grow and climb the corporate ladder. They receive training and become better at what they do.

Terms and Fields of a Permanent Employment Contract

A permanent employment contract contains terms and fields, which constitute the agreement. Some of the fields of a permanent contract are highlighted below.

  • The full name and address of the employer
  • The full name and address of the employee.
  • A space for the signatures of employees and representatives of the employer.

On the other hand, the terms of the contract are discussed below.

  • The position of the worker to be employed is clearly stated.
  • The background, which captures all the requirements of the position is specified.
  • The date of commencement of the job is written.
  • The condition for employment is clearly highlighted.
  • The compensation of the client and bonuses if any are stated.

The grounds for termination of the contract are clearly stated.

Permanent Employment Contract with Integromat – Step-by-Step-Guide

  1. Create a Scenario
  2. Select Module
  3. Fill a PDF Form
  4. Connection and Configuration
  5. Test and Run Result
  6. Source Document Output

In this tutorial, we will show you how to fill a Permanent Employment Contract form using and Integromat. Below, is the screenshot of the sample document that we use.

Sample Source Document
Sample Source Document

Step 1: Create a Scenario

First, click on the Scenario button at the upper-right corner of your dashboard to create a new scenario.

Step 2: Select Module

Next, add a new module and select the app for the App Event.

Step 3: Fill a PDF Form

Then, choose to Fill a PDF Form module to fill out a PDF document.

Step 4: Connection and Configuration

Now, let’s set up the connection and Configuration.

  • In the Input File field, select Upload a file to fetch a file from your cloud storage.
  • In the Source File field, input the Google Drive – Download a file.
  • For the Fillable field, fill out the text field, the name field, and the page index field. You may use the Get PDF Info tool to get the field name.

You can now Test and Run the file to make sure there are no errors in the setup.
PDF Filler Configuration

Step 5: Test and Run Result

Awesome! The file has been successfully processed.

Step 6: Source Document Output

Here is the screenshot of the file output that we successfully run.

Source Document Output
Source Document Output

In this tutorial, you learned how to fill out a Permanent Employment Contract form using and Integromat. You also learned how to use the Get PDF Info tool to get the field name.