PDF to XLS and XLSX conversions have become a necessity when handling client data such as tax returns. These conversions can be done manually if there are just a few of them a week. However, handling 100s or 1000s PDF to XLS and XLSX conversions daily is inefficient.

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Benefits of Our PDF to XLS and XLSX API

Thankfully, with our PDF to XLS and XLSX API, you can do small and bulk PDF to XLS and XLSX conversions securely and fast. The API allows converting PDF to Excel using JavaScript, VB.NET, Java, C#, PHP, and Node.js languages.

Secure XLS/XLSX API Execution

We secure the upload and download connections using SSL and auto-delete files after 1 hour, if you upload them to the temporary storage, using the “PUT” method. You also have an option to delete a PDF immediately, after converting it to XLS/XLSX, using the “/file/delete” method.

Asynchronous Mode Execution

Furthermore, we have hundreds of ready-to-copy PDF to Excel converter code samples on Github for all those languages. Our PDF to Excel conversion API can run in the foreground and output the spreadsheet results if the conversion is not a bulky one.

We recommend you run it that way for PDF files that are less than 100 pages. And you can run it in the background when handling large PDF to XLS and XLSX conversions.

How to Use Our PDF to XLS and XLSX API Tool

Step 1: Get Upload Link

To get the upload link, use the “/file/upload/get-presigned-url” call, which will output the upload link “presignedUrl”, and an access “URL”. The API will access the PDF from the access “URL”.

Step 2: Upload the File

To upload the file, send it to “presignedUrl” using the “PUT” method, but you must do that within 30 minutes of getting the upload link. You can then access it from the access “URL”.

Step 3: Convert PDF to XLS or XLSX

To convert the PDF to an excel file or open an XML file, use the “POST method, with the output “URL” as “https://api.pdf.co/v1/pdf/convert/to/xls” or “https://api.pdf.co/v1/pdf/convert/to/xlsx”. You have to include your API key in the API header. If you do not have it, you can get it here.


Convert PDF to XLS and XLSX Files in Asynchronous Mode

As mentioned above, if the PDF file is more than 100 pages, or it will take over 25 seconds to convert, then you have to run the PDF to XLS API conversion in asynchronous mode.

You can do that using the “async” input param, by setting it to “true”. Otherwise, your execution will return a time-out error.

With the API running in the background, it will output an identifier for that job, using “jobId” and an output “url”, which you can use to access the converted XLS or XLSX file.

You can check a detailed list of XLS/XLSX API options and API parameters here.

Access to API Integrations

You can use the PDF.co platform via integration on popular business automation platforms like Zapier and IntegromatUiPath, and BluePrism. You can swiftly connect with the most common applications through our 300+ API integrations.