Use our PDF Password and Security API to secure your PDF files in bulk. You can add a password to your PDF to protect it from unauthorized access or edits. Furthermore, you can remove the PDF password if you need to have it accessed without restrictions.

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Benefits of Our PDF Password and Security API

Secure API Encryption

Our PDF password-protect API allows you to use four types of encryption algorithms. These are RC4_40bit, RC4_128bit, AES_128bit, and AES_256bit. Those algorithms give you flexibility on the level of security you need for your PDF files.

Secure Connection

It’s not enough to secure your PDF with a password, you also need to secure the connection when connecting to our servers. We secure our connection with SSL encryption, which is the same security feature used to secure online banking connections.

We also run our servers on Amazon’s secure AWS infrastructure, which guarantees you secure access and protection for your private data.

Bulk PDF Processing

We understand that you need to protect and process your bulk PDF files. That is why our PDF Password and Security API can run asynchronously and in the background. Once the process is complete, you can then download your password-secured PDF files.

Furthermore, you can remove PDF passwords in bulk, which is important when handling client files in-house. The password removal feature is also included in the same API used to secure your PDFs with a password.

How to Use PDF to PDF Password and Security API

You need to upload your PDF files before you can add a password, or use our bulk PDF password unlocker API. The files must not exceed 2 GB; if you exceed the limit, it will return an execution error.

Step 1: Get PDF Upload Link

To get an upload link, call “/file/upload/get-presigned-url” method. That will return an upload link “presignedUrl”, and a corresponding access “URL”.

Step 2: Upload PDF File

Upload your PDF to “presignedUrl” from step 1 using the “PUT” method. You should do that within 30 minutes after the “presignedUrl” link is generated.

Step 3: Password Protect a PDF or Remove Password

Once the PDF is complete, you can add or remove a password. Use the “/pdf/security/add” or “/pdf/security/remove” methods respectively. And remember to add the API key, which you can get after you sign up. You can view the code syntax here, for different languages.


PDF Password and Security API Asynchronously

With large files, you must execute the API asynchronously and in the background. That prevents them from timing out. To force the API to execute in the background, you have to set the “async” param to “true”.

That will cause the API to return a unique “jobId”, as well as a download “URL”. You can use the “URL” to download the PDF after the successful executes successfully.

You can use the “/job/check” API method along with the task’s unique “jobId”, to get its execution status. A “successful” status means the API task completed successfully.

Access to API Integrations

We have a solid portfolio of API integrations with powerful automation platforms. These integrations count Zapier and Integromat plugins, UiPath, and BluePrism plugins, but we have 300+ more integrations ready. You can easily connect with the most popular applications through our API integrations.