You can now merge PDF documents automatically, to save many person-hours, and increase productivity. That is why we created an API to merge PDF files. Our code to merge PDF files is easy to use, and you can even integrate it into your in-house document management software.

Key Benefits of Using Our PDF File Merger API

Merge Large Files

You can merge large files easily in a matter of seconds. Most end-user PDF merging API will do it much slower, if you open two or more large PDF files, and try to merge them. Our API allows you to select large files and merge them automatically.

Choose Pages to Merge

Our API tool allows you to select the individual pages or a range of pages you want to be included in the merged PDF. You can also choose to merge entire PDF documents. Overall, that gives you greater flexibility on how you merge your PDFs.



Privacy has become a big legal issue, and there are laws that require those handling protected private data, to encrypt it, when transmitting or storing it. Our merger API allows you to encrypt the merged output file.

To encrypt the output file, set “encrypt” as “true”. In that regard, our PDF Merger API helps you to comply with privacy laws. It also protects your business from lawsuits and government fines.

Asynchronously Merge Large PDF Files

The API’s code to merge PDF files can run asynchronously, to avoid timeouts. Users can merge documents in the background, and download them without having to refresh their browsers.

You can enable the “async” mode. the “async” input parameter should be set to “true”. We recommend you do that for large or multiple files. You can then use “/job/check” to check the final status of the background process. Once complete, it will return the status as “success”.

Steps to Execute Background Jobs and Asynchronous Modes

Step 1: Request URL

Use “file/upload/get-presigned-url” to get a “presignedUrl” and “url”. You will use “presignedUrl” to upload your file, and “url” to access the uploaded file.

Step 2: Upload URL

Use “PUT” to upload files to “presignedUrl”, and “url” to access the uploaded file.

Step 3: Call API Method

You can now call the API method with the input set as “url”, and “async” set to “true”, for the API method to return an output URL or URLs immediately.

The API method will also return a unique “jobId” that identifies the merging job you initiated.

Step 4: Check Job Status

Use /job/check API method with jobId param to check the execution status of your job you initiated.

Step 5: Download Merged File

Once the merging process is completed, the “/job/check API method with jobId param” will return “status” param as “success”. Download your merged files using the output URL/s in “Step 3”.

PDF Merger API – Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Combine PDF Files In Bulk?

You can combine PDF files in bulk into one PDF using our PDF Merger API, by uploading the PDFs, and calling the API, as we have described above. The process is fast for fewer than 100 pages.

However, for more than 100 pages, you will have to combine them asynchronously, as we have also described above.

The cost of combining the PDF files in bulk is much lower because you get discounts for buying the credits in bulk. Our PDF merger API is suited to small and large businesses, as well as personal use.

Is PDF Merge Legit?

Our PDF merger API is legit and safe to use because we do not store any of your data online. Furthermore, the API encrypts the transmission PDF data, which protects it from hackers. You can therefore use it to merge sensitivity data with total peace of mind.

Which is the Best PDF Merger API?

While there are many PDF merge applications online, we recommend that you use our Merger API because it gives you total control of the merging process. You have an option to merge two documents, or thousands of documents securely, without the use of expensive licenses. You will only spend a few cents on each PDF merge.

Can I integrate Merger API?

We created several integrations of our API and powerful business automation platforms. These integrations include Zapier and Integromat plugins, UiPath, and BluePrism extensions, but we have 300+ more integrations ready. You can easily connect with the most popular applications through our API integrations.

Is Combine PDF Safe?

Yes, it is safe to combine PDF files using our PDF merge API. You have an option to delete the files after the merging is complete. If you do not delete them, our API will delete them automatically after about two hours.

How Do I Merge PDF Files Automatically?

Our PDF merger API can help you to merge PDF files automatically. You can choose to have it automatically merge your PDFs online, or from your local server. To merge PDF files automatically with our API, you need to upload the files to the API server.

You can then make an API call to merge the PDF automatically and will take less than 25 seconds, for a few than 100 PDF pages. However, if the PDF you want to merge automatically exceeds 100, then you must run the process in the background.

API PDF Merge Code

We also have PDF merge code samples, which you can use to create your own when using our API. Feel free to contact us if you need help using our PDF merger API.




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