The list of items and services is usually a list or table that provides a detailed breakdown of items or services that a company has provided to a client. Each item or service provided is detailed within a row of information.

The list of items and services usually contain columns for the number of items, description of the item, unique identifier code for an item, the unit price of the item, and the total price for each item.

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Quantity of Items

This column contains the quantity of each item, which you have supplied to your client. Therefore, you should make that you provide an accurate number of items supplied to your client to prevent delays in payment. For example, AA Associates supplied 10, 10, and 100 numbers of packs of pencils, packs of pens, and reams of paper, respectively.

Capturing the correct number per item supplied on your invoices has an effect on the total cost of the item, sales tax, shipping charges, and the total due amount.

Description of Items

This column provides a description of all items and services you provide. Invoice generating applications allow you to input the description of all your goods and services together with the corresponding unique identifier code.

Unique Identifier Code

This code allows all the goods or services that you provide to be cataloged together with their description and unit price. The moment you input the code input, the invoice generating software automatically updates the invoice with the corresponding description and unit price.

Unit Price and Total Price per Item

This column provides the unit price and the total price per item. The unit price is usually embedded with a unique identifier code. The total price per item depends on the unit price and the quantity of each item. These values are typically generated automatically once you input the unique identifier code and quantity of each item.