Convert multiple JPG to PDF to create a single document of selected images, which you can share with your contacts. When you convert JPG to PDF, you get to control the order in which the JPG files people view your images.

With our JPG to PDF converter, you can do JPG to PDF conversion with ease, in three simple steps. Moreover, you do not need to pay exorbitant license fees to do it. All you have to do is buy a few credits for each conversion and convert JPG to PDF online.

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Why Choose Our JPG to PDF Converter


When you combine JPG files to PDF using our tool, the tool does not store copies of your files or share them with third parties. You retain total control of your files, which is important for business and your privacy.

You cannot say the same thing if you choose to use a free JPG to PDF converter. Such tools retain a copy of your files, in exchange for you using their software free.

Budget Tool

Our JPG to PDF converter online tool does not require you to buy a license, which makes it readily accessible. You do not need to invest hundreds of dollars in software that you will use a few times a year.

You only need 2 to 4 credits to convert JPG to one page PDF, at a cost of $0.05 to $0.002 per credit. The cost of the credits drops as you buy more, which is why our tool is good for business and private use.


How to Use JPG to PDF Online

JPG to PDF Online

You will need to create a account, and then launch the JPG to PDF tool. To launch it, go to the main menu and click on “To PDF.” On the drop-down menu that comes up, click on “JPG to PDF.”

To enable the conversion process, you also need to add a few credits, which the tool will use in the conversion process. You also need to have the JPG files you are going to convert, where the tool can access them.

Step 1: Upload the JPG Files

Convert JPG to PDF for Free

You can have them in your local storage, in your Dropbox account, or in a live URL. If you choose to get them from your Dropbox account, then you need to log in, for tools to access the JPG files.

Click on the “Choose File” to upload your JPG files from your local storage. Once you have uploaded all the JPG files, you can rearrange them if you need to.

Step 2: Convert JPG Files to PDF

Convert JPG to PDF Online

To start the JPG to PDF conversion process, click the ”Proceed” button. The tool will change JPG to PDF, and make them available for download. You can preview the converted files before you download them.

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Step 3: Download the PDF File

Convert JPG to PDF Files

The final step is to download the converted PDF file to your local storage or save them to Dropbox. That is all you need to do convert your JPG files to a single PDF file.

Frequently Asked Questions – JPG to PDF Online Tool

How Do You Convert a JPG to PDF?

You can convert JPG to PDF using our online JPG to PDF converter. The conversion happens in split seconds for small files, and minutes for bulk conversions. Once the conversion is complete, you can then download your files.

What is the Best JPG to PDF Converter?

Our JPG to PDF Online tool is one of the best JPG to PDF converters, and you can use it at budget prices. It stands out as the best JPG to PDF converter because it allows you to convert JPG files from various sources. These include local storage, online storage, and live URLs.

How Do I Convert JPG to PDF On My Laptop?

You can convert JPG to PDF on your laptop by using our online converter. All you have to do is open your browser, go to and upload your JPG files, to convert them to PDF files.

How Do I Convert a JPEG to High-Resolution PDF?

You can convert a JPEG to a high-resolution PDF using our online JPG to PDF converter. The conversion process used by our tool is a lossless conversion, so your files will not lose their original quality. You can use the high-resolution PDF to store and organize quality photos.

How Do I Convert JPG to PDF on My Phone?

You can convert JPG to PDF on your phone using our JPG to PDF online. All you need is to have the JPG files locally, on cloud storage, or on a live URL. Our tool will then pull the JPG file from the location you input, and convert it to a PDF. You can then download the PDF to your phone or save it to the cloud.

The whole process happens on our servers. All that you do with your phone is upload the JPG files, and download or access the converted PDF.

How do I Create a PDF with Images?

You can create a PDF with images using our JPG to PDF tool. The tool takes one or several images and converts them to a PDF. You can end up with one page PDF, or multiple pages, depending on how many images you have, as well as their dimensions.

Conclusion – Combine JPG to PDF

You can convert your JPG files to PDF securely using our budget tool, without losing the image quality of your files. There is also an option for you to rearrange the JPG files, in the order you want them to appear in the PDF.  We hope you will enjoy creating quality PDF files of your treasured images. online apps:

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