As the header on a document file, the header of an invoice is the space at the top of the invoice. In many cases, you want to have the word ‘invoice’ written baldly on the header of an invoice. This technique allows anyone that comes across the document to know that the material is an invoice. As such, it simplifies document filing and general procurement processes.

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You may want to include your company’s information alongside the word ‘invoice’ on the header. Nowadays, almost all companies use specialized software to edit and create unique headers as preferred. As such, it is wise if you can use such type of software.

The header of an invoice is created in several different formats. These formats are given as follows.

Type 1

For this type, you would write the word ‘invoice’ within the header. You will immediately write the name of your company below with its various addresses, telephone numbers, fax, email address, and other contact information. A wide range of companies commonly uses this format. Usually, you would center your company’s information in the middle of the invoice. Depending on your preference, you may choose to include your company logo.

Type 2

The type 2 header usually contains the logo and the company’s information on the header of the invoice. You would often input your company’s logo to the left, while its information is aligned to the right. You would usually find the word ‘invoice’ written in the middle. The company information typically includes company name, address, and contact details.

Type 3

The type 3 header is similar to the type 2 invoice. The main difference between the two is that you input the logo to the right, while the company’s information is written to the left. As usual, the word ‘invoice’ is written at the center.