Form 2042 is a tax form used in France. In general, it is used by people who may not live in France, but obtain income from the country. Such individuals require Form 2042 to declare what they earn. Once completed and signed, this document must be sent to the French tax service that deals with non-residents. However, you can avoid being taxed multiple times if France has a tax treaty with your country of residence. Therefore, you will want to find out more about tax treaties by searching your country’s tax details.

Form 2042 Types

There are various types of Form 2042 tax documents. The kind you use depends on your professional and personal situation in France. All these forms are available in the Directorate General of Public Finance.

Form 2042

Form 2042 is the base document type. This document usually has sections that require you to provide all your details. While filling out this form, you must ensure the information you provide is accurate. When completing Form 2042 for the first time, you must declare your details, which include:

  • Full name;
  • Date of birth;
  • Marriage status;
  • Number kids.
  • Full address.

Form 2042-C

If you wish to declare your income, you will require Form 2042-C. The type of income you may need to present on this document includes wages, salary, and pensions. Any income you receive with French origins gets automatically added to the record as long as you had made previous tax filings.

Form 2042-C-PRO

This document is another version of Form 2042. However, you need this type when you run a micro business as an entrepreneur. You will need to declare the total sales you make. In addition, you do not need to include any rebate. Applying a rebate is the responsibility of the French tax office.

Form 2042 DSI

This form is relatively new. Yet, you do not need to fill it if you are a micro-entrepreneur. People who own a sole proprietorship usually need to complete this form. In general, the French tax office uses this form to assess an entrepreneur’s income tax and social charge. However, it is best if you allow your accountant to complete this form.

Form 2042 RICI

If you believe you need tax reductions, you should complete Form 2042 RICI. You will also provide information about donations, dependents’ details, and home employment on this tax form.

Details on Form 2042

Any of the various Form 2042 usually contains some basic details. This information is necessary for identifying and verifying a taxpayer. Thus, below are some essential details:

  • Full name
  • Full address of country of residence
  • Country of residence tax details
  • Marriage status

How to Complete Form 2042

In general, there are deadlines for the completion and submission of tax forms in France. However, your residency status can affect your last date of submission. For a non-resident, you are required to complete the form between the 1st and 24th of May of every year. In addition, you should have the required declaration before the 19th of May if you are new in France.

Your first income tax return has to be completed manually. As such, if you do not receive the form in the mail, you can always download, print, and complete it. Afterward, you should ensure you post it to the tax office before the deadline. Some documents you should include in your tax report include:

  • Employment pay slips;
  • Pension details if eligible;
  • Dividend received if applicable;
  • Evidence of donations.

Add all relevant documents. However, ensure you claim the deductions you are entitled to. Also, try to avoid over-declaring.