PDF.co Document Parser is an AI-powered tool for automating document parsing for automated extraction from invoices, orders, reports, PDF, scanned documents, and other business documents.

PDF.co Document Parser Key Features

Process PDF Invoices with PDF.co

  • Extracts data from PDF, images, scans, and documents
  • Built-in AI-powered templates and macros for automated data extraction from invoices, reports, statements;
  • No programming is required to create or update data extraction template so maintenance and updates are much easier;
  • CSV, XML, or JSON
  • Built-in OCR recognition and AI support for increased data accuracy
  • Built-in integration with 300+ leading online platforms like Zapier, Integromat, UiPath, BluePrism, and many others.

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Document Parser Workflow

  • Use template editor to create document parser template;
  • Use PDF.co platform via API or via integrations (Zapier and others) and set the template ID for it;
  • Run PDF.co platform for automated data extraction from your documents and PDF.

Document Parser Template Editor screenshot

Document Parser template editor invoice

Our customers achieving up to x10 times faster time to market when need to parse documents and are able to drastically decrease expenses for the implementation of high volumes data extraction from orders, invoices, and other documents.

Document Parser easily works with high loads of documents and files in the cloud. For sensitive documents, we also provide the on-premise version of Document Parser API that you can install and run on your own server and use your own private data storage, even without an Internet connection required.

Document Parser can extract invoice data from PDF in Python, C#, C++, Java, JavaScript, cURL, PHP, and any programming language you need.


NOTE: Use PDF.co Document Classifier to know the source of the document. You can easily create and maintain classification rules with the desktop-based Classifier Testing Tool (see the details here)



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