PDF.co Document Parser is an AI-powered tool for automatic data parsing of invoices, orders, and business documentation.

It uses secure Amazon AWS infrastructure and transfers encrypted data via SSL/TLS encryption.

You can reduce efforts and expenses by automatically extracting high volumes of data from orders, invoices, and other documents.

Document Parser easily works with high loads of documents and files in the cloud.

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PDF.co Document Parser Key Features

  • Extract data from PDF, images, scans, and documents
  • Parse multiple documents, orders, and invoices for business needs
  • Use built-in templates to get nice and structured data
  • Extract different data types, eg. invoice total, due date, or other details
  • Extract and validate data easily to avoid fraud
  • The output data comes as structured CSV, XML, or JSON
  • Built-in OCR recognition and AI support for increased data accuracy
  • Integrate Document Parser with 300+ leading automation platforms like Zapier, Integromat, UiPath, BluePrism, etc.