The Web API can help you create fillable PDF forms. With this Web API, you can add objects such as texts, images, text boxes, checkboxes, and clickable links in a PDF to create the form.

All PDF forms generated using the Web API are temporarily stored in our server for security reasons. These files are automatically deleted after 1 hour. To learn more, please check out our Security page

Why Create Fillable PDF with Our Web API

Easy Form Creation

The Web API has an easy-to-use format to generate the PDF forms. We have ready-made templates that you can use as a reference to design and create your own. We also have a free tool called PDF Viewer that you can use to easily identify the different PDF coordinates to place your objects.

Easy To Personalize

You can create your fillable PDF form by adding objects in an existing PDF or in an empty PDF document. Objects can be added anywhere in the document. A personal logo or company logo can be embedded in the PDF as well.

Supports Multiple Objects

The Web API supports objects such as text objects, images, text fields, checkboxes, and clickable links. So whether you have your own PDF that only needs to be converted into a fillable form or you need to create your own from scratch, the Web API can help you easily accomplish this task.

On-Premise API Server

Enterprises and organizations have the option to host the Web API on their own premises. They can opt to get a single module or run multiple Web API modules using our on-premise API Server. An on-demand option is also available to anyone who wants to use the Web API right away. To request a trial, please email our support team.

You can host the Web API on your Premises, to meet your security requirements and comply with electronic Protected Health Information Requirements (ePHI). We also offer access to our SDKs, if you need to adapt our fillable PDF Web API to your local productions.

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Privacy is becoming a major concern, and governments are implementing laws to protect private data. In that regard, businesses must secure private information by handling it securely at all times. To help your business do that, we use SSL/TLS to secure your files, when you upload and download them from our servers.

Access to Integrations

We made many integrations of our Web API and popular automation platforms. These integrations include Zapier and Integromat plugins, UiPath, and BluePrism extensions, but we have 300+ more integrations ready. Connect with the most popular applications through our Web API integrations!

Designed for Production Environment

You can rely on our Web API to convert word to fillable PDF, without it failing when you need it most. We have tested it in a production environment numerous times, to make sure it is truly reliable. Moreover, the Web API is hosted on Amazon’s AWS servers, to deliver great computing flexibility and power.

Fillable PDF Forms Integrations has over 300+ app integration. Kindly explore our following plugins:

Fillable PDF Forms Samples & Demo

In this demonstration, we will add objects in a PDF such as text fields, checkboxes, and a clickable image with an embedded URL that allows you to open a website in a browser. We will use the /v1/pdf/edit/add endpoint to add our objects. The graphic below showcases the input and output PDFs.

Fillable PDF Form Input & Output PDF

Before we start coding, let’s go over the /v1/pdf/edit/add endpoint’s parameters and their functions.

Fillable PDF Form Input & Output PDF


Method: POST
Parameter Description
url required. URL to the source file
annotations[] optional. Array of text objects to be added on top of the PDF
images[] optional. Array of image objects to be added on top of PDF file.
fields[] optional. Array of values to update fillable PDF fields in input PDF.
password optional. Password of PDF file. Must be string.
async optional. Runs processing asynchronously.
encrypt optional. Enable encryption for output file.
name optional. File name for generated output.
profiles optional. Must be a String. Set custom configuration. See profiles examples here


cURL Code Snippet

curl --location --request POST '' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--header 'x-api-key: {{x-api-key}}' \
--data-raw '{
    "async": false,
    "encrypt": true,
    "name": "newDocument",
    "url": "",
            "text":"sample prefilled text",
            "x": 33,
            "y": 471,
            "size": 12,
            "pages": "0-",
            "type": "TextField",
            "id": "textfield1"
            "x": 33,
            "y": 505,
            "size": 12,
            "pages": "0-",
            "type": "Checkbox",
            "id": "checkbox2"
            "x": 33,
            "y": 534,
            "size": 12,
            "pages": "0-",
            "link": "",
            "type": "CheckboxChecked",
    "images": [
            "url": "",
            "x": 35,
            "y": 563,
            "pages": "0",
            "link": ""

The Fillable PDF Forms cURL source source code samples are available here.

Let’s see the Fillable PDF Form in action using our cURL code snippet.

Fillable PDF Form Demo
Fillable PDF Form Generated Output

The Fillable PDF Forms JavaScript source source code samples are available here.

The Fillable PDF Forms PHP source source code samples are available here.

The Fillable PDF Forms Python source source code samples are available here.

The Fillable PDF Forms Java source source code samples are available here.

The Fillable PDF Forms C# source source code samples are available here.

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How to Create Fillable PDFs of Over 100 Pages

You can use our Web API’s “async” mode to create large fillable PDF forms, with hundreds of pages, or 100s of single-page fillable PDF forms. Unlike the sync mode that runs on the foreground and times out within 25 seconds, the “async” mode does not time out.

To run our Web API in “async” mode, you must set “async to “true”. That will command the Web API to create a background job with a unique ID, using the “jobId” property, and return a corresponding output URL, using the “URL” property.

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