Amazon Pay is a payment service that you can use to pay for goods and services, on sites that accept it. The service is provided by Amazon, and it connects securely to the funding methods you have added to your Amazon account.

In that regard, it allows you to shop online without revealing any critical banking information, to random merchant sites.

Amazon Payment

How to Sign Up for Amazon Pay

If you are already an Amazon customer with verified funding methods, no new registration is required. All you have to do is log in to a merchant site that accepts Amazon Pay, and accept the terms and conditions for using it.

You can then go ahead and buy whatever you wanted from that merchant. However, if you do not have a buyer account with Amazon, then you need to go to Amazon and sign up for one.

Once you create your Amazon buyer account and add payment methods, your Amazon Pay will become active.

Benefits of Using Amazon Pay

  • It is a secure way to shop on third-party sites
  • Amazon Pay eliminates the need to give out sensitive billing information
  • Shopping with Amazon Pay is fast and easy

How to Use Amazon Pay

Amazon Payment Buyer Protection

While Amazon Pay offers you the same buyer protection you get when you shop on, you still have to dispute any fraudulent charges within 13 months. To enjoy maximum protection, you must report a fraudulent charge the moment you notice it.

Methods of Payment Used with Amazon Payment

Amazon Pay makes it possible to use the same funding methods that you use on Amazon. That saves you the trouble of having to add a payment method when buying stuff from third party sites.

With the exception of Amazon Gift Cards, all other funding methods supported on, are also supported by Amazon Pay.

Making a Payment with Amazon Pay

To make a payment with Amazon Pay, simply click on its logo or button. You will be prompted to input your Amazon email and password. Once you have signed in to your Amazon Pay, you can proceed to add items to your cart and pay with Amazon Pay.

How to Keep Track of Your Amazon Payment Purchases

You can easily keep track of the purchases you have made with Amazon Pay using the email notifications you receive. The notifications will include the donations you make using Amazon Pay.

You may also view a complete history of your Amazon Pay transactions on

Ineligible Purchases When Using Amazon Pay

You cannot use Amazon Pay to pay for services that are not licensed in the US such as online gambling. Moreover, a dedicated Amazon service such as shipping to Amazon Locker is also ineligible when shopping on a third-party site.

To buy a product and ship to Amazon Locker, you must use the official website.

Amazon Pay does not support the use of Amazon Gift Cards as a funding method. You should, therefore, disregard any site that asks you to pay with Amazon Gift cards when using Amazon Pay.

Start Using Amazon Pay

We hope that you found this article on Amazon Payment to be informative, and you will enjoy shopping securely on third-party sites using Amazon Pay.