Misleading names in the credit card statements

Since the beginning of 2020 our customer support is getting urgent requests for a refund or chargeback from people around the world who saw one of the following charges on their credit cards (based on what was shown to us up):

  • PDF3.co
  • PDFC.co
  • PDFD.co 7787453075
  • and similar with charges, typically, for $96 to $132 USD or more.
These charges were not made by PDF.co or ByteScout (even though the name on charges look very similar).
Instead, these charges were made by the website named PDFFiller.com that used these misleading names for their charges instead of their real website name “PDF Filler”.

IMPORTANT: PDF.co and ByteScout are not affiliated with PDF Filler website in any way.

What you can do?

Your options are the following:

  • contact PDFFiller.com or call them at 1 (617) 800-0744
  • if it didn’t help then contact your bank. See the backside of your credit card for the hotline phone number

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