Misleading names in charges in your credit card statements that may sound similar to PDF.co

Since 2020 we are getting lot of urgent requests for a refund from people who saw one of the following charges on their credit card:

  • PDF3.CO
  • PDF3.CO 6173777466
  • PDF3.co 617-3777466
  • PDF4.CO 
  • PDF4.CO 6173777477 617-3777-4777
  • PDF5.CO
  • POS Withdrawal (FIS) PDF5.CO PDF5.CO 617-x7502 MA
  • PDF5.CO 617-377502
  • PDF6.CO
  • PDF7.CO
  • PDF8.CO
  • PDF9.co
  • PDFA.co
  • PDFA.CO 6173777456
  • PDFB.co
  • PDFE.co
  • PDFC.CO*6173777564
  • PDFD.CO 7787453075
  • and similar names sounding similar to PDF.co with charges, typically, from $20 to $96, $108, $115, $132 USD or even more.

Unfortunately we (PDF.co) can not refund these charges because it was not us.

QUICK SOLUTION: Call you bank and just request a full chargeback to revert these charges 

Who charged your card? Not us because we always use “PDF.co without any additional letters or digits. Instead, these charges are supposedly made by some company from Boston for their product called PDF Filler (PDFFiller) which is not affiliated with PDF.co and ByteScout in any way.

Is it some kind of  scam? We don’t know but since the beginning of 2020 we are getting a lot of requests from frustrated and disappointed persons and companies around the globe who were unpleasantly surprised by these unexpected credit card charges marked as PDF3.co, PDF4.co, PDF5.co and all the similar charges.


WHAT YOU CAN DO RIGHT NOW: Call you bank immediately and request a full chargeback