Do you see charges on your card statement from something named very similar to us and you can’t find who was that? Sorry but high chance you were tricked by another company that is hiding their company name behind confusing charge descriptors

So, what is happening?

Since 2020 we are getting lot of requests from people who see one the following charges on their cards:

  • PDFA.CO 6173777456, PDFA.CO 6173777456 £69.57
  • PDFA.CO 617377 84,35€
  •,, PDFC.CO,
  • PDFC.CO*6173777564, PDFC.CO*6173777564 BROOKLINE 0.53 USD, PDFC.CO*6173777564, PDFC.CO*6173777564 HTTPSWWW.AIRS
  • PDFC.CO*6173777564 BROOKLINE 108 USD
  • PDFD.CO 7787453075, PDFD.CO 617-671-0291, PDFD.CO 617-671-
    , PDFD.CO 778745307
  • PDFD.CO 6178656312 617-6807973 MA $108, PDFD.CO 617865631 $96
  • PDFG.CO 6174889205 $198 USD
  • PDF3.CO, PDF3.CO 6173777466, 617-3777466, Pdf3.Co 6173777466 617-3777466 Ma USA
  • PDF4.CO , PDF4.CO 6173777477 617-3777-4777
  • PDF5.CO, POS Withdrawal (FIS) PDF5.CO PDF5.CO 617-x7502 MA, PDF5.CO 617-377502
  • PDF6.CO, PDF7.CO, PDF8.CO,,
  • and other similar names sounding very much like with charges, typically, from $20 to $96, $108, $115, $132, $198 USD, USD 20.00, USD 96.00, $58 AUD, 912 Norwegian Crones, £14.49, 84,35€, £69.25, $136.75 AUD, £76.74, 85€, $21.25, 17,65€, $199, £16.03, £74.99, €83.38, $102.72, $92, £75.95, $144, $180, $104, $28.56, $120, $32.68, 17.40€, $101, $102.34, 81.19 € and other similar charges.

All these charges are NOT from (check carefully the name – it is actually different from ours!)

These charges are not from us but from another company named Pdf Filler (also known as AirSlate). That company is hiding their product name behind PDFA, PDFC, PDFD names and they bought domain names sounding similar to our website. And now they are putting these confusing domain names into the descriptions of their charges.

1. Call your bank and request a chargeback so you won’t be charged again.
You can find the phone number of your bank at the backside of your credit card.

2. If you use PayPal then you can use this chargeback request page on PayPal

Are these,,,, charges is some kind of scam?

Nobody likes unknown charges! Lot of people got frustrated and disappointed because they do not recognize credit card charges that not showing the real product name or real website name.

We’ve repeatedly asked that PDF Filler (AirSlate) to stop using confusing names and start using their product and company name for charges to avoid this confusion but they do not listen.

Do you think they do the right thing? You can write feedback about this practice here on Google reviews or here on Capterra Reviews

Here are some of the emails we got from PDFfiller (AirSlate) customers asking for cancellation and/or refund

Me habéis hecho uso fraudulento con mi tarjeta de crédito.
Acabo de ir al banco a coger el extracto y a poner la correspondiente denuncia a la policía.
Exijo la devolución del importe y sus respuestas inmediatas.
emailed by L.

I was charged and want my money reversed.whom to contact
emailed by U.

I need a refund please, I haven’t used this since the free trial. Please can I request a refund and cancel my account.
£69.25 was taken out on the 28th of June.
emailed by F.K.

I have a charge on my credit card for AU$136.75 which I am concerned about.
I do not have an account with you as when I try to log in to your website my email address is not recognised.
Could you please inform me why I was charged the amount. I am not a company, I am an individual who used PDF Fill once, I do not need a subscription.
emailed by R.B

I am looking to cancel my membeship. I have my card charged the 67 cents and refunded the 67 cents to show that I signed up for the trial. I would like to cancel before it gets charged the full fee but I am having trouble accessing my account to cancel it. I am not sure which email I logged in on.
emailed by M.

Please arrange the REFUND of the money and STOP the monthly subscription fee to avoid the charges to my credit card again.
Thank you
emailed by LJQ

I signed up with you guys thinking that it was a once off payment.
I now sit with a monthly amount coming off my credit card.
Please cancel my order.
emailed by K.G

There was a charge to my card for $96 dollar I would really love to cancel and be refunded.
emailed by A.M

You have taken £76.74 out of my bank via debt card, what is this?! I have not signed up for anything with you? Please explain
emailed by D.M

I would like to ask if your company is I got a deduction of $96 on my card and i would like to ask if its from your side.
emailed by A

Hola! Me sale en mí tarjeta de crédito visa un consumo en dólares con la dirección de esta página. Yo no he comprado nada!!! Y son 96 dólares que equivalen a 7 mil pesos argentinos. Necesito una solución porfavor.
21/07/2020PDFC.CO6173777564 PDFC.CO617377756402443280,00 96,00
emailed by R.C

Quiero el reembolso del pago Pdfco *617377756 ya que no utilizo el servicio y no he podido cancelarlo desde la web
emailed by I 778745307 take me 85euros from my account.
i haven’t give you the authorization for do it.
I want my money back immediately and stop whatever I have. I don’t want anything. just stop this and give me back my money
emailed by S.A

Can you please cancel this charge and refund my money. The code in my bank is PDFC.CO 61 02202708081 0807 please contact me.
emailed by C

My Debit card was charged $96 today but i never authorized any charges from your company. Please advise as to how i can get this charge removed i have already disputed the charge with my card issuer.
emailed by R

I think i signed up by mistake with my email in my old company. Now i m stuck paying every month! Can you please help me out with a refund and stop the payments? That would be really helpful, or at least stop the payments now? Thank you
emailed by M.K

Señores de PDFD.CO le intimo que en el perentorio plazo de 5 días hagan
devolución del cargo de u$s 96,00 que se me debitara de mi Tarjeta de
Crédito Visa ***********con fecha 23/07/2020 bajo la identificación del
movimiento: 23/07/2020 PDFD.CO 7787453075 u$s 96,00.
No se cómo accedieron a los datos de mi tarjeta de crédito, ni qué servicio
o producto comercializan, lo que sí estoy seguro que jamás he efectuado una
compra por u$s 96,00.
Están ustedes notificados y apercibidos, caso contrario hago reserva de mis
derecho de accionar legalmente.
emailed by RJL

I would like to know why I was charged 21.25$ on my credit card on 8/25 when I never used any of the services in the website.
emailed by M.A

I don’t want any more than I paid don’t use my credit card again. I don’t want any more than this whatever this 199 is.
emailed by L.D

why did you access my checking account for .50 and then credit for the .50 ? Was this some scam to test access to my account ? Monday early a.m. I am reporting this to my bank as I have never done business with you.
emailed by B.P

I am making a payment to you monthly and I want to cancel but I don’t seem to have an account with you.
I do not want to use the service and I was using the demo to see if it would do what I needed but it did not and I thought I had cancelled this directly the same day.
PDFD.CO 7787453075 VANCOUVER, BC £16.03
emailed by A.H

I have a direct debit trying to be deducted from my account and i never signed up for this service
emailed by A.P

I have been charged multiple times for this service and never even used the service, i need a refund. thank you
emailed by A

you guys took 96.00 dollars
emailed by M.R

You have requested £74.99 out of my bank account, I don’t have a account with you, you have used my card details, I don’t know who you are, please advise.
emailed by R

I have been charge 96USD for a membership that I dont think I have as I tried to log in with all my email accounts and none of them exists in your database.
It says on the charge PDFD.CO 7787453075
Could you please get back to me with a solution
Thanks so much
emailed by G

$20 was taken from my account and I do not remember signing up with anything from you all. I would like to request a refund. I never used this app.
emailed by Z

Someone has used my card to purchase something from this site and it wasn’t authorised. Can U please cancel it and refund my account
emailed by S.M

I thought I canceled the service but got charged on my CC again. Can you please cancel and refund.
emailed by A

I have cancelled PDF option but have been charged on October 25th, $102.72 for the purchase. I am not interested in the product please refund.
emailed by J.M

found unauthorized charges on credit card
emailed by D

Why you have charged me a subscription that I do not use, and I have not taken. I want my money back or else I talk to my bank, Subscription ID:
emailed by SPO

I was billed $92 to my card when i don’t think i’ve ever put it in your system. i cannot find an account email i used to sign up and i got a call from visa fraud saying I used my card at this place at 3:00 AM.
emailed by D.F

Charged a $20 dollar fee that I have already cancelled. Please refund.
emailed by N.P

I have been charged £75.95 but I have not signed up for your product. Please return my money. You asked for a screen shot but I can’t attach it to this page. PDFA .CO 6173777456 $96
emailed by K.H

I was charged 108 on my card.I read the posts and mine is just didn’t make this charge and I have no idea what, who or why this was done.
emailed by S

I have been having monthly deductions taken from my account from 4/05/2020 to 31/12/2020 and I don’t know what they are for or who your organisation is. I would be happy to send list of transactions from my bank account for your reference.
emailed by J.M

Hello, my account got charged the morning the sum of $115.13 which I did not authorize and requesting a refund and delete any contracts that may exist with
emailed by F.F

My non profit church bank account has been charged for $4.99 and I have not authorized any charges to the account, in fact I don’t know how you got the accounts number to do so. Please contact me to take card of this problem please. I called the number but it states you should go to the website and email you.
emailed by C

Hi, I’ve just noticed a transaction on my account of a payment with the reference: PDFC.CO*6173777564 USD 144.00. I do not recognise this transaction.
emailed by A

I got a transaction of $180 on my visa card, I remember I sign up online back to beginning of Jan but I didn’t remember my account info, since I didn’t get the reminder of the payment that is going to charge to my account, I would like to get a refund.
emailed by J

I want a refund of my $104 and I want to cancel this service now
emailed by R.J

I cancelled my subscription last month and received a verification that it was cancelled. I need a refund for my $96 charge and to OFFICIALLY cancel my subscription.
emailed by N.L

I have a subscription coming out of my bank account which isn’t mine
emailed by T.A

good morning i have a question. I seen a charge on my bank card for the amount 32.63 and i have no idea what this is for i would like to know can you cancell what ever it is please since I did ok this transaction thank you
emailed by B.C

Buenas tardes:
Tengo un cargo en la tarjeta e y yo no he comprado nada vuestro ni me he subscrito a nada. Solicito el reembolso de los 17.40 € que se me ha cobrado. Gracias
emailed by A.A

you guys are taking my money, I dont know who you are or how you get my information but you all have taken 96 dollars out of my accoiunt
emailed by L.M

I have a charge on my debit card from a PDF9.CO and I am trying to find out what it is for because I did not order it
emailed by J.P

emailed by A.J

HI, i have been charged by your company 823,96 with indication PDF.CO 617-671-0291
i request a refund. thank you
emailed by M.A

I just just charged $58 AUD to my card from this company? And i’m not sure what it is, would i be able to get a refund of this? Thankyou.
emailed by F

emailed by V

I need to cancel my subscription which ended today and was just now charge 99 dollars. I don’t longer needed, if I cannot get a refund I need to cancel either way.
emailed by P.P

i had subscribed to without proceeding to the payment option because my card is saved.I kindly request for a refund and cancellation of subscription ASAP.
emailed by S

101$ was take out pf card but i only had the trial for a month
emailed by D.R

If you received unfamiliar charges coming from ANY of the NAMES like PDFC, PDFD, PDF3 or simlar (but not exactly), we highly recommend that you call your bank because these charges didn’t come from but from another company!