Do you see some strange charges on your card from something named similar to us? High chances these charges are not from us but from another some other company not using their name for charges

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So, what happens?

Since 2020 we are getting lot of confusing requests from people who saw one of the following charges on their cards (attention: these charges are NOT from us ( but from another company using these confusing names):

  • PDF3.CO, PDF3.CO 6173777466, 617-3777466, Pdf3.Co 6173777466 617-3777466 Ma USA
  • PDF4.CO , PDF4.CO 6173777477 617-3777-4777
  • PDF5.CO, POS Withdrawal (FIS) PDF5.CO PDF5.CO 617-x7502 MA, PDF5.CO 617-377502
  • PDF6.CO, PDF7.CO, PDF8.CO,,
  • PDFA.CO 6173777456
  •,, PDFC.CO
  • PDFC.CO*6173777564, PDFC.CO*6173777564 BROOKLINE 0.53 USD, PDFC.CO*6173777564, PDFC.CO*6173777564 HTTPSWWW.AIRS
  • PDFC.CO*6173777564 BROOKLINE 108 USD
  • PDFD.CO 7787453075, PDFD.CO 617-671-0291, PDFD.CO 617-671-
  • PDFD.CO 6178656312 617-6807973 MA $108
  • and other similar names sounding very much like with charges, typically, from $20 to $96, $108, $115, $132 USD, USD 20.00, USD 96.00, $58 AUD, 912 Norwegian Crones, £14.49 and other similar charges.

These charges are NOT from us!

Instead, you may have been actually charged by the company named PDFFiller that is NOT using their name for charges. Is it OK with you? You can share your opinion on this approach here on Google reviews or here on Capterra Reviews


WHAT YOU CAN DO RIGHT NOW WITH UNRECOGNIZED CHARGES: Call your bank and simply request a chargeback or report this charge so you won’t be charged again. To find phone number of your bank’s customer support just look at the backside of your credit card.


If you use PayPal then you can use this page to request a chargeback for any charges paid via Paypal

Are these strange charges is a some kind of scam?

Nobody likes when some unrecognized charge appears from nowhere! Lot of people got frustrated and disappointed around the globe because these unexpected credit card charges are marked as,,,, but Google drives to our website instead.

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