In Sweden new law applies, which means that the person who sends invoices to Norrköping Municipality and the municipal-owned companies, as well as the Municipal Association of Rescue Services in Östra Götaland, will send it electronically.

The law also means that the invoice, where nothing else has been agreed, must be in accordance with the European standard PEPPOL Bis Billing 3. This information applies to the municipality of Norrköping, the Rescue Services in Östra Götaland and the municipal-owned companies (excluding Hyresbostäder AB and Norrköpings Hamn AB who will inform separate).

Invoice Types in Sweden

Suppliers that provide e-invoices

To get help sending an e-invoice to us, you can contact a VAN (Value Added Network), supplier. They can help you mediate business transactions such as e-invoice.

Several of the largest players in Sweden as partners to receive supplier invoices:

  • CGI
  • InExchange
  • PageroContact
  • Tieto

They can help you as a supplier to us to send invoices in the correct format. If you use any other VAN supplier, there is usually no problem since most operators have interconnection agreements with our VAN suppliers. For those of you who are contract suppliers and who in your agreements may send glider invoice, 1.0 and EDI full-text invoice can do so as long as the current agreement applies.

Invoice Portal

For you who are a smaller supplier and who do not have the opportunity to send an invoice via a VAN supplier, we have a so-called invoice portal. The invoice portal is a website where you as a supplier log in and register the invoice information, then the invoice will arrive in the correct format to the municipality or to one of the municipal companies.

You can easily create your own account and you can then send e-invoices to the municipality and the municipal companies.

Also, note that the invoice reference must always be entered in the invoice is a six-digit code (012345 example of six-digit reference code).

When it comes to the requirement for e-invoice

The requirement for e-invoice applies only to the purchase of goods and services that are made in accordance with the Public Procurement Act, or any of the other procurement laws. This means that, for example, real estate rent is not covered by the requirement for e-invoice. The requirement does not apply either, as e-invoice would entail a risk of disclosing information that is covered by confidentiality or otherwise damage security-sensitive operations or invoice flows according to the Act (2008: 962) on freedom of the choice system.

Invoices to the municipality

In order for the municipality to be able to pay incoming invoices, it is important that it is clear that it is Norrköping’s municipality that is the recipient of the invoice, what has been delivered and who within the municipality has made the order.

In order for the invoice to reach the right recipient within the municipality, it is important that there is a special reference number on the invoice. The reference number consists of six digits and must be stated by the municipality’s commissioner. If the customer does not specify a reference number, we ask you as the supplier to request it. The fact that the task exists facilitates our handling but also gives you as a supplier an increased assurance that a client is a person employed in the municipality. The reference number must be entered under the “Your reference:” field on the invoice.

On all invoices that are displayed to the municipality, the invoice address must follow the following structure:

Norrköping Municipality
Invoice scanning
601 69 Norrköping
Your reference: 012345 (example of six-digit reference code)

The delivery address must be stated on the invoice with the address to which the product or service was delivered. Norrköping Municipality applies 30 days’ payment time unless a special other agreement has been reached.

In order to facilitate invoice processing, we would like to see the invoices completely electronically, instead of in the paper form. We receive invoices in Svef invoice format in collaboration with the companies InExchange, Pagero, and Tieto.

Invoices from the municipality

Norrköping municipality uses bank transfer as a payment method. On invoices from us, it is stated which bank giro and OCR number to be specified when making the payment. Different bank giros are used for different types of invoices. Therefore, if you pay with your own payment card or via internet bank, it is important that you enter the correct bank giro and OCR number.

If you as a private person handle your banking business on the internet, you can get e-invoice from Norrköping Municipality. This means that you get the invoice presented in your internet bank, instead of having a paper invoice with a payment card sent to you. With e-invoice, you hardly have to enter bank giro numbers, OCR numbers, dates and amounts. You sign up for an e-invoice in your internet bank.

Another way to pay your invoices is via direct debit. You will then receive your paper invoice sent home and the amount will be deducted from your account on the invoice due date. All you have to do is make sure there is enough money in your account to pay the invoice. You sign up for direct debit consent through your internet bank.

If you do not pay your invoice on time, a payment reminder will be sent out on paper. This applies even if you have signed up to receive an e-invoice. The reminder is sent out seven days after the invoice’s due date. For child and elderly care, the reminder is sent out ten days after the invoice’s due date. If the invoice is not paid despite the reminder, the matter is forwarded to the municipality’s collection unit.

In some cases, you may be granted a deferred payment of your invoice. To find out if this is possible, you should contact the contact person listed on the invoice for a discussion of the conditions.