When you send an invoice that meets all US invoice requirements, it makes your business appear like an American business to your US clients. It also helps your client to process it fast, because it will have all the required information. For you, that means little or no back-and-forth and getting paid promptly. Read on to learn the minimum requirements when invoicing US clients.

Invoice Requirements USA

USA Invoices Requirements

An invoice can be used to declare the value of goods or services, and to determine custom duties when shipping. Therefore, the information you provide must be accurate and verifiable.

W9 Form with Your First Invoice

You need to send your first invoice with a W9 form if you are a foreign contractor or business entity. You do not need to attach it to subsequent invoices.

Some businesses may require that you fill and send them a W-9 form before they process your invoice.

Your US client needs the W9 form to file tax returns, and it is necessary that you provide them with one.

Name of Your Company and Business Address

Your invoice must have your company name as well as the business address. Your company name and address must match the details in the W9 form. Otherwise, your client may request you to revise your invoice.

Your Client’s Name and Business Address

You need to include your client’s business name and address in your invoice. This name must be the one that will be on the 1099 tax form, which is sent to the IRS and a copy to you.

Project Address

If you offered your services at an address that is different from your business address, then you should include that address in your invoice. The address can be included as an alternate address when filing tax returns.

A project address is not necessary if you are delivering products only. Instead, you will provide your client’s shipping address. The shipping address should match the one that the client sent you in their purchase order.

Date, Invoice Number, and Payment Terms

Your invoice should have a date when you created it, a unique number, and the payment terms you expect the client to adhere to. The payment terms are important because they may determine how fast they will pay you.

The date and invoice numbers are important for matching the invoice with the PO, filing, and future reference.

Due Date of the Invoice

The client can choose to pay before the due date or pay later if the terms you set allow them to do so.


You can describe the service rendered, or give the reference number of the product you shipped to the customer in the description.


You can give the number of hours and minutes or you worked, or give the measurements of the product you delivered. The date should be in the mm/dd/yyyy format, while the measurement should be in US units, not the metric system.

Amount in USD

In the case of services rendered, the invoice should have the amount by the line of service, as well as the total amount due.

If the invoice lists products delivered, it should include the total amount per product, total sales tax amount, the sales tax used in the calculation, and the total amount in USD.

Payment Information

Your invoice must include the correct payment information, which your US customer will use to pay you.

Credit Card – Provide a separate form, and preferably a link to your payment processor.

Wire Transfer and ACH Transfers – Provide bank name, your address, account number, and routing number.

Checks – Provide a mailing address and order.

US Invoice Format

That is the basic US invoice format for invoicing US clients. If you are going to be invoicing your clients regularly, you do not have to memorize everything.

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