Zoom and other digital learning tools are changing the way we learn and teach. According to a report published by Erin Duffin, the global e-learning market will exceed $243 billion by 2022. Moreover, about 65% of the faculty supports the use of open educational resources (OERs).

In that regard, learning to use Zoom to teach online classes can help you be part of this growing market.

Discover How to Teach Online Classes with Zoom

Free Zoom Account

Zoom offers you a free and premium account for teaching online classes. The free Zoom account allows you to hold unlimited meetings or classes with one person. However, the free account limits you to 40 minutes of classes, if the online class has more than two participants.

You have an option to restart your class when the 40-minute session ends or to use a premium account with at least 24-hour sessions.

Premium Zoom Account

The good news is only the instructor, or the convener of the online class needs to get the premium account. A Zoom premium account supports 24-hour online classes, of up to 100 participants.

To start your Zoom online class, follow the following five simple steps.

Step 1: Create a Zoom Account and Launch Zoom

This is the first step, you need to create an account here, download and install the Zoom installer. Once installed, run the Zoom app to start preparing for the online class. We recommend you install an HD webcam and HiFi microphone for the best Zoom experience.

When starting Zoom, it will help you to test your webcam and microphone. Make sure your face is centered on the screen, and there are no shadows around it.

Video with Zoom

Step 2: Schedule an Online Class Meeting

To schedule a class, click on the “Schedule” button, and a pop window will appear, where you can fill the details of the online class. You can input the topic of discussion, when the class will start, the duration of the class, and your time zone.

Next, you can choose the Meeting ID and password, which the participants will use to access the meeting. Other options include turning OFF the video when the meeting starts, as well as selecting the audio device/s to be used.

Click on “Advanced Options” to access additional scheduling options. Once you are done, click on “Schedule” again to save the meeting preferences.

Online Lesson with Zoom

Step 3: Share the Online Class Meeting Link

Once you have scheduled your online class meeting with Zoom, you can share it by clicking on “Meetings” and copying the invitation, and sending it to your contacts.

Teach Online Lesson with Zoom

Step 4: Start your Zoom Online Class

You can start the Zoom class any time by clicking on “Start,” or wait for the meeting to start at the scheduled time, automatically.

Step 5: Use Zoom Online Class Hosting Tools

Once the meeting starts, you will find the hosting tools at the bottom of the zoom meeting screen. The tools allow you to manage the meeting by sharing your Screen and managing security options, participants, among other meeting controls.

Zoom Online Lesson

Conclusion – Online Classes with Zoom

That is how you hold an online class with Zoom. Once you are done with the class, you can end the meeting by clicking on the “End Meeting” on the bottom left of the screen. Let us hear about your experience with Zoom, by sharing it in the comments section below.