Several people shy away from dealing with taxes because most people would not want to pay taxes if they had that option and also, the legal terms and jargon make many people uncomfortable since it is unfamiliar territory in their regular lives.

Nevertheless, clarity and knowledge can help people to know how exactly to fulfill their tax obligations, and even appreciate the reasons for filing taxes. Moreover, this article coherently answers how to complete the US Form 4506-T.

    1. Form 4506-T
    2. How to correctly fill form 4506-T?.
    3. Where do I send Form 4506-T?.
    4. How to fill Form 4506-T using and Zapier?
    5. Who needs to complete Form 4506-T?
    6. Form 4506-T – Frequently Asked Questions.

Form 4506-T

This 4506-T form is filed to request: the tax return transcripts, tax account information, 1099 information, verification of non-filing W-2 information, and record of account. It is also filed to receive a tax return transcript for the current and the prior three years that includes most lines of the original tax return. You can download the form on the official IRS website.

How to Fill in Form 4506-T

How to correctly fill form 4506-T.

  • Line 1.

1a. Enter the name shown on the tax return. If it is a joint tax return, enter the name shown first.

1b. Enter the first social security number on a tax return, individual taxpayer identification number, or employer identification number. If your request relates to a business return, enter your employer identification number. Otherwise, enter the first social security number or your individual taxpayer identification number shown on the return. For example, if you are requesting Form 1040 that contains Schedule C (Form 1040), enter your social security number.

  • Line 2.

2a. If it is a joint tax return, enter your spouse’s name shown on the tax return.

2b. Enter the second social security number or individual taxpayer identification number of your spouse.

  • Line 3.

Enter your current address here. If you use a P.O. box instead, include it on this line.

  • Line 4.

If the address you filed on your last report is different from the one you currently filled on line 3, indicate it on this line. Note: If the addresses on lines 3 and 4 are different and you have not changed your address with the IRS, file Form 8822, a change of address form. If it is a business address, file Form 8822B.

  • Line 5.

This line is not compulsory. But if you want a unique customer file number that will appear on the transcript, enter up to 10 numeric characters to create this. The customer file number should not contain your social security number.

Note. If you use an SSN, your name, or a combination of both, the information will not be inputted and the customer file number will reflect a generic entry of “9999999999” on the transcript.

  • Line 6.

Enter the type of Transcript you requested. It could one of a Return transcript, Account Transcript, or Record of Account (this particular transcript is a combination of the return and account transcript).

Enter only one tax form number per request. Signature and date. Form 4506-T must only be signed and dated by the taxpayer listed on line 1a or 2a.

  • Line 7.

Verification of Non-filing. This is a confirmation that the IRS didn’t receive a tax return.

  • Line 8.

You can request any of these forms from the IRS.

  • Line 9.

Enter the year or period requested. Enter the ending date of the year or period, using this format mm/dd/yyyy. If you are requesting more than four years, you must attach another Form 4506-T. For requests relating to quarterly tax returns, such as Form 941, you must enter each tax period separately.

Note: Do not sign the form unless all applicable lines have been completed. Except for line 5, other lines must be filled correctly.

Where do I send Form 4506-T?

It is possible to quickly request transcripts by using automated self-help service tools on the website by clicking “Get a Tax Transcript…” under the “Tools.” Alternatively, you can phone the IRS call center. Regarding where to file the form, it is possible to mail or fax Form 4506-T to the addresses provided on the website, depending on the state you lived in or the state your business was in when that return was filed. There are two address charts: one for individual transcripts such as Form 1040 series and Form W-2 and one for all other transcripts.

How to fill Form 4506-T using and Zapier?

1. First, we need to get the US Form 4506-T’s field names. These are the names that we will use to identify and fill the textboxes and checkboxes in the US Form.’s Get PDF Info is the perfect tool for this job. You can find this tool in your Dashboard or thru this direct link's Get PDF Info Tool

You can choose among 3 options to upload the US Form 4506-T in the Get PDF Info tool. You can upload it from your local machine, from Dropbox, or from a URL. We will use the Form’s link that we took from the official IRS website.

Kindly click on the From URL button, paste the link in the URL box, and click on the Proceed button.

2. The Get PDF Info tool will return all the field names, alternative field names, page indexes, field types, etc in the Form. We will only need the page indexes and field names to use in Zapier. Get PDF Info Result

3. Next, let’s head over to Zapier and set up our Action Step. Kindly choose as the App and PDF Filler as the Action Event.

Set PDF Filler As The Action Event

4. Then, we will configure the PDF Filler to fill the US Form 4506-T with sample data.

  • In the Source PDF field, kindly select or enter the US Form 4506-T URL.
  • In the Fillable Fields field, enter the page index, field name, and the value for that field separated by a semi-colon e.g. 0;topmostSubform[0].Page1[0].f1_1[0];John A. Doe

Once you have completed the Fillable Fields, kindly click on the Continue button.

Configure PDF Filler

5. We are now ready to send the PDF Filler over to for Test & Review.

Send PDF Filler To To Test & Review

6. Great! We have configured the PDF Filler correctly. generated a temporary URL that we can copy and paste to any browser to view and download the filled US Form 4506-T. Returned URL To View And Download File

7. Here’s the US Form 4506-T that we filled out with our sample data using and Zapier.

Sample Filled Out US Form 4506-T
Screenshot of Filled US Form 4506-T

Who needs to complete Form 4506-T?

Typically, business taxpayers are supposed to complete Form 4506-T. This especially applies to taxpayers using a tax year beginning in one calendar year and ending in the following year which is the fiscal tax year are due to file Form 4506-T to request a return transcript.

  • Signature by individuals

For individuals, the transcripts of mutually filed tax returns may be arranged by either spouse. Only one signature is expected. Sign Form 4506-T exactly as your name appeared on the original return. If you changed your name, also sign your current name.

  • Signature by corporations

Generally, Form 4506-T can be signed by workers of a corporation. These include any person designated by the board of directors or other governing body, an officer having legal authority to bind the corporation or any employee who is given a written request by any principal officer and attested to by the secretary or other officer.

According to the legislation, a bona fide shareholder recorded to own 1 percent or more of the outstanding stock of the corporation may present a Form 4506-T. However, they must provide documentation to support the requester’s right to receive the information.

  • Signature by partnerships

Typically, Form 4506-T can be signed by any person who was a member of the partnership during any part of the tax period requested on line 9 as shown above.

  • Signature by a representative

An individual can only sign Form 4506-T for a taxpayer only if the taxpayer has specifically delegated this authority to the said individual on Form 2848, line 5. The individual must attach Form 2848 to this form before it can be approved.

  • Signature by all others

Section 6103(e) stipulates the mandate for if the taxpayer has died, is insolvent, is a dissolved corporation, or if a trustee, guardian, executor, receiver, or administrator is acting for the taxpayer. It is important that if you are an heir at law, next of kin, or beneficiary you must be able to establish a material interest in the estate or trust.

Note: The Internal Revenue Service must receive Form 4506-T within 120 days of the date signed by the taxpayer or it will be rejected. Ensure that all pertinent lines are completed before signing.

  • Signature by a representative

An individual can only sign Form 4506-T for a taxpayer only if the taxpayer has specifically delegated this authority to the said individual on Form 2848, line 5. The individual must attach Form 2848 to this form before it can be approved.

Note: The Internal Revenue Service must receive Form 4506-T within 120 days of the date signed by the taxpayer or it will be rejected. Ensure that all pertinent lines are completed before signing.

Form 4506-T – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 4506-T form used for?

You can use the 4506 T form to request your tax return information. But you can use it only if you are using a fiscal tax year. That’s a year beginning in one calendar year, and ending in the following calendar year.

Once you fill correctly and submit the 4506-T form, you will get a return transcript. You can request your tax return transcript using the 4506-T form, for the past three years. But for the current year, they are available after the IRS processes your tax return.

The transcript contains a summary of your tax return information. Some of that information includes your Adjusted Gross Income (AGI). You may need your transcript when applying for college financial aid, or home mortgages.

How do I get my 4506-T Online?

You can get your 4506-T form online, using the “Get Transcript” tool, on the IRS’s website. You can also get a link to it from the homepage, by hovering or clicking on “Forms & Instructions”. From the drop-down menu, you can click on “4506-T”.

Can I file Form 4506-T Online?

Yes, you can download 4506-T from the IRS website, fill it online, then print it. You can then mail the filled and printed form 4506-T to the IRS. You must make sure you filled it correctly and signed it properly.

Otherwise, the IRS may reject it.

Where to Mail 4506-T Form?

Tax taxpayers and tax professionals can mail the form to the correspondent addresses depending on where their business was and where they lived. You can check out the charts listed on the IRS website.

How long does it take to process Form 4506-T?

The duration takes the IRS to process your 4506-T, depends on two things. That’s whether you filled it correctly and whether you filed your taxes online or offline.

You can get it within two to four weeks if you did your tax returns online. But if you mailed your tax returns, then you have to wait for up to six weeks. Overall, be prepared to wait, for it can take as much as 75 days in some cases.

If you filled it correctly, you can expect to get it within the periods specified above. Otherwise, you may have to fill the 4506-T form again and send it.

How much does a 4506-T cost?

The form is available free for download from the IRS website. And, the IRS will not charge you for requesting your tax return transcript. However, if you use a tax agency to make the request, they may charge you a processing fee.

Some tax agents may charge you $50 or more.

Do all lenders require a 4506-T?

Yes, the Federal Lender Association (Fannie Mae), requires all lenders to request it from borrowers, during the underwriting process. It must be completed and signed, for it to be valid.

It is used to get transcripts, which can then be used to validate the borrower’s income.


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