This form is should be completed by those who need to get the employer identification number. It is a 9-digit number given to proprietors, partnerships, employers, trusts, corporations, and other institutions for tax filing and reporting purposes.

You can download the complete form on the IRS website.

IRS Form SS-4

How to Correctly Fill Form SS-4

Here, I am going to be explaining the most important fields.

  • Line 1.

Enter your name exactly as it appears on the social security card or any other applicable legal document. OR

  1. If you’re a sole proprietor, you should enter uniquely your individual name. Business names, abbreviations, and nicknames are not allowed.
  2. If it is a Trust, enter the name of the trust as it appears on the trust instrument.
  3. If it is an estate that has no legal name, enter the name of the decedent followed by “Estate.” Enter the legal name of the partnership as it appears in the partnership agreement.
  4. Enter the corporate name as it appears in the corporate charter or other legal document creating it. if it is a corporation
  5. Enter the name of the plan administrator. A plan administrator who already has an employment identification should use that number.
  • Line 3.
  1. If you have trust, you should enter the trustee’s name.
  2. If it is an estate, the executor’s name is required. You can put administrator, or other fiduciary too.
  3. If there’s a specific person who will receive tax information, enter that person’s name as the “care of” person.
  • Line 4

Enter the mailing address for the individuals here. If the individual’s address is outside the United States or its possessions, you must enter the city, province or state, postal code, and the name of the country.

Note: Do not abbreviate the country name.

  • Line 5.

Provide your physical address only if it is different from the mailing address shown in line 4.

Note: If the address is outside the United States, you must enter the city, province or state, postal code, and the name of the country. Do not abbreviate the country name. Do not enter a P.O. box number here

  • Line 7.

Enter the following data: full name and SSN, ITIN, or EIN of the entity’s responsible party. The “responsible party” is the person controlling and owning the company or who has control over the company.

Note: File Form 8822-B to keep the IRS on the loop if there is any change to the responsible party.

  • Line 9

Check the box that best describes the type of individual applying for the EIN. If you’re a foreign individual with an ITIN previously assigned to you, enter the ITIN in place of a requested SSN.

  • Line 14.

Check this box if you want to file Form 944. If you expect your employment tax liability to be $1,000 or less in a full calendar year, you’re eligible to file Form 944 once each year instead of filing Form 941 every 3 months.

Note: Once you check the box you must continue to file Form 944, regardless of the amount of tax shown on your return, until the IRS instructs you to file Form 941.

  • Third-Party Designee.

Complete this section only if you want the named individual to receive the newly assigned EIN on your behalf.

Note: You must complete the signature area for this to be valid.

Check through the form thoroughly and Enter “N/A” on the lines that don’t apply.