This tutorial is about generating barcodes with is our freeware online barcode generator. This freeware tool available online for free can be used to as 1d barcode generator and 2d barcode generator.


Before jumping into the tutorial, we will learn what are barcodes how they are used and what are the benefits of using the barcodes. Barcodes are used in every industry nowadays from shopping malls to retail stores, in fact, every product nowadays has a barcode so if you are a buyer or a seller you have to go through the barcodes every day in your life.

There are different types of barcodes, there are 1D barcodes and 2D barcodes.

1D Barcodes

One dimensional or (1D) barcodes represent the data by vertical lines. These lines systematically represent the data with different widths and spacing between these parallel lines. The most common barcodes that are most commonly used are the UPC and EAN.

2D Barcodes

Two-dimensional, (or 2D) barcodes represent the data by using shapes and symbols. 2D Barcodes are very similar to the 1D barcodes instead of the lines there are symbols and shapes used to represent the data and it can store more data than the 1D barcodes can. The two most common types are the QR code and PDF417.

What is a Barcode Generator?

Barcode generators are the tools that are used to generate barcodes and encode the information in it. These tools are very efficient to generate barcodes and is one of them among others barcode generator online, free online barcode creator offers a variety of features including barcode generators. This tool can generate all types of 1D and 2D barcodes. There are many code generators online from which our tool is the best which gives accuracy and integrity of your data.

Now let’s come to the tutorial

You can check this video instruction for easier use:

The first step is to go to this link given below:

Upon opening this link, you will be seeing the window which will look like this.

Generate Codes

In the window opened we can see that we have options for “Barcode type” and “Barcode value”. Our next step will be to select a “Barcode type”.

Now let’s enter the “Barcode value”, this is going to be the text or numbers you want to encode into the barcode so that when someone scans your barcode your text will be displayed. Let’s enter a price for a product A.

Generate Barcodes Online

After selecting the Barcode type and entering the value we will click on “Proceed”.

When you click on “Proceed” and you will see some processing. While the processing is happening, you can read a quote from a famous computer scientist. We have this feature so that you don’t get bored while the processing is happening, and you can get inspiration from this.

BarCode Generator

Once the processing is done you can see the output file and you can also download the file from the link given like in the screenshot below.

Create BarCodes Online

That’s all from this tutorial hope you liked it and can understand it easily. We write tutorials on our product features to help our user understand our product features.

Our tools are easy to use, and you can download it by one click and can install it or you can use our online tool can be used to create barcodes online. is an online free barcode generator easy to use and helps you create barcodes free. There are more than 50 types of barcodes that you can generate using our online tool.