Barcodes make it easy to manage your product inventory, thanks to their ease of use. However, in the past businesses had to invest in expensive hardware and barcode reader software, to enjoy the convenience barcodes offer. That has now changed, thanks to online barcode readers such as ours.

Key Benefits of Our Barcode Reader Software

Barcode Reader Price – Credits

You can now scan your barcodes online, at a barcode reader price that matches your needs. You do not need to buy our barcode reader software or invest in expensive software. We only charge you based on the number of barcode pages you need to scan or read.
Furthermore, you are not limited on the number of barcodes you can scan. Instead, you get to pay much less, the more you can. That allows you to enjoy economies of scale as your business grows. You can pay from $0.04 per credit to as low as $0.0033 per credit.

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We upload and scan your product barcodes from highly secure servers that are hosted on Amazon’s AWS infrastructure. Each file is encrypted using SSL/TLS encryption, which is the same technology banks use to secure your online transactions.

Asynchronous Mode

You can use our barcode read app to scan your barcodes synchronously or asynchronously, depending on its size. We recommend that you scan large files asynchronously so that the process can run in the background, instead of timing out.

On-Premise API Server

In case you need to use our barcode reader online but have it running from your premises, you can request from an on-premise API server. Furthermore, we will also assist you with our barcode reader SDK, so those in-house developers can help you to develop apps that work better with our barcode readers.

How to Use Barcode Reader App API with Large Files

When you need to scan barcodes in bulk, or files with 100 pages or more, it is best to use the Async mode. Otherwise, if you can without Async mode, the barcode scan will timeout after only 25 seconds. To do that, simply set “async” to “true”.

That will tell the API method to run the scan job in the background. It will also output a unique ID, using the “jobId” property, and a corresponding download “URL”. You may then use the “URL” to access the decoded scan jobs.

Use our Barcode Reader Online in Asynchronous Mode

Step 1: Get a Temporary Upload URL from API

You need an upload URL to upload your files to our barcode reader app. To request one, use “/file/upload/get-presigned-url”, and the API will return the upload URL – “presignedUrl”, and an access URL -“URL”.

Step 2: Upload File

Now you can upload your barcode reader file using “PUT” to “presignedUrl”, and then access it from “URL”, both of which you got from Step 1.

Step 3: Call the Barcode Reader API Method

With the barcode files uploaded, you can now call the API method with the input set to “URL” param. Moreover, you can set the “async” param to “true”, so that the API method will run in the background, return the output “URL/s”, as well as a corresponding “jobId/s” immediately.

Step 4: Check Barcode Scanner Status

To check the “status” of the ongoing barcode reader job, use the “/job/check” API method, along with the job’s “jobId” which you received in Step 3. You will receive a “success” execution status if the barcode reader job completes successfully.

Step 5: Download Barcode Scans

Once you get a “success” status in Step 4, you can download the completed scans from the output “URL/s”, which the API returned in Step 3.


That is all you need to do to use our barcode reader app, at a budget price. You can get more code samples here, and enjoy fast online barcode scans, by using our online barcode scanners.

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