Electronic documents can hold the same legal status as their traditional pen and paper predecessors. They’re most effective, however, if you have a good electronic signature capture method. It has been stated in the legislation of several countries that the legal value of an electronic signature depends on its quality and thus a qualified electronic signature shall have the equivalent legal effect of a handwritten signature.

There are a number of different ways to electronically capture your signature. The methods discussed below show how to get the best online signature capture. that best suits your needs.

  1. Using a scanner for e-signature capture
  2. Photo-based mobile signature capture
  3. Touchscreen, touchpad, and mouse online signature captures
  4. The future involves e-signature capture methods
  5. How Can I Get the Online Signature Capture Manually?

How to Get the Best Online Signature Capture

Using a scanner for e-signature capture

For this method of digital signature capture, sign a piece of paper several times. Use a dark, wide-tipped pen so the signature shows up well and you can pick your best version. Then scan your preferred signature. Save the scan as an image file, such as .png. Use the software on your computer to tweak the image if you like. Once the image is saved, you should be able to add the image to your documents wherever you need it. You also can upload it to insert into documents when you use online signature capture or Datauri URL. You can convert an existing signature to Datauri URL using this converter.

This is one of the earlier methods to digitize your signature. Its advantage is that your signature remains legible and is easily comparable to the one signed directly on a paper document. However, it is not a very dynamic method and requires access to a computer and scanner.

Photo-based mobile signature capture

This e-signature capture method is similar to using a scanner. The difference is that you take a picture of your signature with the device’s camera, rather than scanning it. You can save the image right to your device or to a cloud service. Then insert it into whatever documents you need, using a web signature capture and signing service if needed. You can also convert your existing e-signature to Datauri URL if needed.

This is a more dynamic method since you only need access to your phone and the right tool. Your signature also remains distinct and legible when compared with signing directly on a paper document. However, it is not a very dynamic method and requires access to a computer.

Touchscreen, touchpad, and mouse online signature captures

Many apps and online signature services allow you to complete signature capture on a desktop or mobile without the need for a scanner or camera. Simply find the «draw» option within the program or service you’re using. Then use your finger, mouse, or stylus to draw your signature. You often can erase the signature and try again if you don’t like it. A stylus is probably your best choice, as it’s most similar to a pen. The mouse is most awkward. Whichever you use, go slow and take your time. Speed tends to yield breaks and odd shapes, decreasing legibility.

Web-Based signatures services tend to be dynamic and allow other features with the promise of streamlining your work processes. These additional features include multiple-party signing, mobile signature, embedding, and requesting electronic signatures as well as integration with Microsoft and Google. They even have services for entire companies.

The future involves e-signature capture methods

In a world where technology is getting more and more advanced. Electronic signatures are not a passing trend, rather it has proved to be time saving and efficient. Evidence of this can be found online. For instance, if you search for electronic signature services, you will come across several.

Meaning that consumers have adapted to electronic signatures as the internet has slowly reshaped the way we do business. In fact, the advent of electronic signatures began in the late 1980s and a decade later many countries started making laws for regulating their uses. In the United States, there are stipulations in the ESIGN Act while in the European Union, there is similar legislation.

Apart from being backed by law, these electronic signatures are environmentally friendly, secure, time-stamped, and traceable. These obvious benefits, make electronic signatures popular in industries such as healthcare, finance, business enterprises, and governmental agencies as well as for individuals. The methods discussed on how to get the best online signature capture, vary and depend on the tools you have available. Choose the best one that suits your needs and your resources.

How Can I Get the Online Signature Capture Manually?

The easiest way is to write your digital signature is to use the help of a website-based application. Take a look at the little tutorial showing steps to write your online signature using PDF.co.

Step-by-step Guide:

1. Go to Make Signature tool

2. Take your time and create your personal signature with the help of the computer mouse or your finger. The signature can be adjusted by choosing the appropriate font size and color. Check the screenshot below.

Draw Signature Using PDF.co Make Signature Tool

3. Once your digital signature is ready, you can easily save it or copy the Datauri URL of your signature. You can use it any time in the future. To learn more about the second option, check how to convert the image to Datauri URL here.

4. So, you can sign any contract, agreement, or form using your saved virtual signature. No need to spend time recreating it again.