An invoice is a document that specifies the monetary components of a business transaction. An invoice typically incorporates the name, contact information of both the buyer and the seller. Other data included are the description of the goods or services rendered, its cost, and the sum of the amount due.
Invoices usually also include a due date for payment, an invoice number, and a preferred method of payment.

    1. Legal archiving in invoicing
    2. How to generate an invoice online or offline
    3. How to sign your custom invoices online
    4. How to do an invoice signature directly within your email
    5. How to create an invoice online receipt and sign it
    6. Benefits of generating invoices online

Generate Invoice Online

Legal archiving in invoicing

Legal archiving requires that online invoices be stored and accessible for retrieval as well as verification with time as guided by a countries’ legislation.

An e-invoice platform is a tool that helps you generate, send, and store your invoices to the respective clients.  It offers different means of creating e-invoices as well as a mode of delivery, digital signatures, and other legal services.

The invoices serve as legal protection for both parties. However, Signed invoices aren’t always required. Still, they can build trust with your customers since your business transactions will display a level of transparency and accountability. Use a signing company to make an online invoice signature, this will shorten the time-consuming process of generating and sending invoices.

How to generate an invoice online or offline

Desktop software (e.g., Quicken) lets you create your own invoice offline. But an online invoice system (e.g., Paypal) works to create simple invoice documents, too. Start the software or login to your account. Find the option to create a new invoice. Fill in the invoice with all the necessary information. Create an invoice template from the form if desired. Then save the invoice as a PDF file.

How to sign your custom invoices online

Go to your signature signing app. Upload the invoice PDF and open it. Specify the name and email address for everyone signing. Create signature fields. Click in the field appropriate for you. Then choose your signature option. You usually can type, draw, or insert an image. Confirm your signature. The service will invite the others you listed to sign. Alternately, it will send an email indicating the document is complete.

How to do an invoice signature directly within your email

Email now can be part of online invoice processing. Make your own invoice and save it as a PDF. Install a browser plugin that links your signing and email services. Attach the PDF to a message. Open the attachment. Select the «Add Signature» option from the plugin. Create signature fields if required. Or, just click where you need to sign. Draw, type, or insert an image of your signature. Confirm the signature. The plugin should work for both invoices you create and receive.

How to create an invoice online receipt and sign it

You might want to create a receipt online for an invoice. The same methods for the online invoice with signature work for receipts. Simply decide whether email or your signing account is best.

Why are invoices important?

It is useful in record-keeping as evidence of all sales and can be used for tax purposes as well as audits. Misquoted or inconsistent invoices will raise a red flag when being reviewed or audited. Without invoices, there would be no slated legal records or potential marketing data that can be referred to. Therefore, invoices have to be completely filled and error-free otherwise, incomplete invoices have to be regenerated or lead to a repetition of the billing cycle. Thus, wasting the time and effort the business could have extended to other responsibilities.

The conventionally written invoice is slowly being replaced with a digital invoice that can be filled out online. Some of these web services even offer a complete variety of invoice templates that can fit any business’s needs. These invoices are customizable and can be signed directly online and even via email. This novel way of invoicing not only saves time and money but also makes business transactions more seamless as they occur in real time.

Benefits of generating invoices online

Automated invoices are the new normal: – You want to spend less time reaching out to all your clients-online invoicing is the deal to bag. By just adding all necessary data about your client, the invoice is automatically sent to them saving you the hustle of sitting down with piles of paper to address.

Eases of accessibility improve handling and response:-  It’s obvious that with every business sending paper invoices they are likely to pile up at your client’s office, making it hard to act on every invoice as it comes. Online invoices are accessible with just a click of a button and acted upon immediately and you get your payment within a short period.

Enhanced security for your invoicing process: – Online invoicing offers you enhanced security for the issuance and use of invoices. Misplacing the invoice or mysteriously disappearing at the post office is eliminated. Furthermore, the online invoice always has a backup where you can refer to it in case you lose track of the invoice or the client claims not to have received it.

Additionally, it is possible to track the online invoice with alerts that come after delivery. The client will have no excuse not to have received or late receiving the invoice.

Go paperless in the office: – Business is going paperless as technology advances and so are the paper invoices. With online transactions eliminating papers in the office, I’m sure you don’t want to have files on your table full of invoices. Online invoices are stored as folders in your computer saving on space as well as making your office look neat.

A cost-effective approach to business: – There is so much money that goes to papered invoices from reams of papers, postage costs, and stamps among others. These costs are cut down with the use of online invoices as no papers are needed and even postage cost is eliminated.

Furthermore, your staff will concentrate on other productive activities rather than engaging in preparing invoices for a whole day. One staff can work on invoices and within a very short time dispatch each to the respective clients by just a click of a button.

Accountability is enhanced: – The online invoicing software will make your invoices better organized. At a glance, you can view paid, pending, or awaiting payment invoices as well as classifications that you have specified such as client names and date of invoice. This makes it easier to monitor the cash flow of your business enhancing accountability.

More benefits of online invoices

Generating invoices online simplifies business processes and improves management and monitoring of sales. It makes it easier to track payments as it eliminates several delays and thus improves a business’ cash flow. One of the biggest advantages is automation. This greatly reduces the monotonous processes and makes it possible to set up recurring invoices and notifications.

Another benefit is cloud storage rather than physical copies. Cloud storage offers better organizing capacity for important documents and can be cost-effective. Storing digital invoices as PDFs in the cloud will protect business records as well as make it easier to search for specific documents. For instance, one would simply type in the invoice number rather than take several minutes searching through file cabinets.

Finally, online invoicing also gives access to a new marketing toolbox to expand businesses. Your business can scale up to have a global reach. You can modify your invoices for customers worldwide. There is the additional possibility to use invoices as marketing tools, in the message section of the invoice your business can announce discounts, coupons, or advertise other services or products that will entice the customer.

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