The modern world is indisputably digital. As a result, with some exceptions for certain circumstances, electronic signatures are replacing traditional wet (pen) signatures at an astounding rate.

Apply e-signatures

How can I sign a form electronically?

Signing an electronic document, such as a business agreement, requires you to put signature fields into the document and insert a signature by typing, uploading an image, drawing, or similar means. Each person involved in the transaction must coordinate and go through this process, so the simplest way to sign a form electronically is to use an online signature provider, such as

The provider’s application offers an interface that makes the signature process easier and also handles coordination for you, using email to alert those involved that a document needs signing or is ready. Every provider has a slightly different interface and approach. But usually, you start by uploading the document (ideally a PDF) to the provider’s platform and adding signature fields.

Then you specify who needs to sign, identifying an email address for each signee. When you click «Send» or a similar command, the system will use the signee information you provided to invite the people you selected to sign the document. Then you and the other signees draw, type, or otherwise insert your signature in the appropriate signature fields and confirm the signature.

How can I sign something electronically that’s not a PDF?

You might have to do this to buy/subscribe to something online, use your credit card at a store checkout, or even accept a package. If you’re buying/subscribing online, you typically have to provide some basic personal information, such as your name and address, and then click «I Accept» or something similar. If you need to work with your cashier or delivery person, they should offer a device, such as a tablet, so you can use a stylus to sign and confirm your name.