PDF.co platform helps to easily automate adding text, images, signatures to existing PDF files or PDF templates.



Add Text To PDF

You can add multiple text objects to pdf and specify font styles, font size, font names. You can also set a link to open on click on the text and change the transparency mode for the text. Text auto wrapping is also supported.

Add Images

You can add JPG, PNG images on top of the PDF file. You can also add semi-transparent PNG and GIF files and use base64 encoded (datauri) URLs with embedded images.

Put Text into PDF Form Fields

You can also put text into form fields or add new form fields into existing PDF files.

Speed and Security

You can use PDF files located in your Dropbox, Google Drive and you can also use built-in PDF.co Files Storage to store pdf files, images, signatures for re-use with the PDF.co platform.


You can use PDF.co platform via integration on automation platforms like Zapier, Integromat, Ui Path and many others. There are more than 300+ integrations available for use with PDF.co.

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