Upload File to Google Drive – Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Sample Source File
  2. Create A Scenario
  3. Choose PDF.co
  4. Add Item To PDF.co
  5. PDF.co Connections And Parameters
  6. Run Scenario
  7. Add Google Drive Module
  8. Upload A File
  9. Google Drive Connection
  10. Run Google Drive Scenario
  11. My Drive
  12. Source File Output

Step 1: Sample Source File

In this tutorial, we will show you how to upload files to Google Drive using PDF.co and Integromat.

Sample Source File Sample Source File

Step 2: Create a Scenario

Now, we will create a Scenario in Integromat. You will see it on the right top corner of your  Dashboard.


Create A Scenario

Step 3: Choose PDF.co

  • Under the New scenario, we will choose PDF.co as the input app.

ppPDF.co App

  • For the PDF input file, we will choose to Add Text and Images To a PDF.

Add Text And Images

Step 4: Add Item to PDF.co

  • In the Text field, we will put the text name of our output.
  • In the Pages field, we will put 0- to set multiple pages to the item.
  • To get X and Y coordinates for objects in PDF, you can use the PDF.co Simple PDF Viewer.

Add Item To PDF.co

Step 5: PDF.co Connections and Parameters

Under PDF.co, we will fill out The Import Options.

  • In the Input field, we will choose Import PDF from URL so we can select the file in Google Drive.
  • In the URL field, we will now put the source PDF file.
  • For the Output File Name field, we will put our desired output name.


PDF.co Import Option

Step 6: Run Scenario

Run the Scenario to see the result. Next, we will a new step.

Run And Result

Step 7: Add Google Drive Module

Now, let’s add another module. We will choose the Google Drive app to complete our file.

Add Another Module

Step 8: Upload A File

Under Google Drive, we will select Upload a File to Google Drive.

Upload A File

Step 9: Google Drive Connection

In this Google Drive Connection, we will fill out all the required information.

  • For the Enter a Folder ID field, we will choose Select from the list to find all the available Google Drive folders.
  • In the New Drive Location field, select the My Drive.
  • In the New Folder Location field, select the folder where the file will be stored.


Google Drive Connections

Step 10: Run Google Drive Scenario

Now, run the Scenario again to make sure that we set up everything correctly. We will now go to My Drive and check the file.

Run A Scenario

Step 11: Check Google Drive

In your Google Drive, you should now see the PDF.co file successfully uploaded to your folder.

My Drive Output

Step 12: Source File Output

Here’s the generated PDF file with the added sample text.

Source File Output
Source File Output

In this tutorial, we learned how to add text in a PDF using the PDF.co Add Text and Images to a PDF module. We also learned how to upload the generated file to Google Drive to permanently store the file.