How to Host ByteScout API Server

In this tutorial, we’ll be demonstrating how to host ByteScout API Server in local IIS. I already have the API Server publish package downloaded and extracted to the ‘wwwroots’ folder. However, you can place it at any place of your choice.


Once that’s done, let’s begin adding applications in IIS.

Follow the below steps in order to configure your API Server. 

  1. Open IIS Server, right-click on the “Sites” folder and click on the “Add Website” context menu.
  2. Upon clicking on the “Add Website” menu, It’ll open a window where you need to add website details such as website name, its physical path, port of website etcetera. For this demonstration purpose, I am adding the Site name as “Bytescout API”, selecting the Physical path from the previous extracted location under “wwwroots” as well adding the port to 81. Again, please configure as per your requirements on the production server.

Host API Server

And, it’s done! We can start or stop the ByteScout API server from controls placed in the sidebar, under the “Manage Website” section. With these configurations complete, it’s time to test and check the output. Click on the “Browse” link placed under the “Browse Website” section.

How to Host API Server

It’s opening a browser window with an API Server running message!