Split PDF is a premium tool that you can use to split your PDF files and share them online. The tool is available online, and you can use it anytime, without downloading it. Therefore, you can use it to Split PDFs online from your phone, PC, Mac, Linux, among other platforms.

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Why Use Split PDF

Easy to Use

This PDF Split tool is designed for use in just three easy steps. All you need to do is upload the file, and the tool will Split the PDF online for you.

Convenient to Use

When you need to split a PDF file, and you do not have time to download and install a PDF page splitter, then what you need is our online PDF file splitter.

The tool can split a PDF file into multiple files, which you can then download separately. Whether you need just a single page from hundreds of pages or just a few pages, our online PDF splitter can easily do it for you.

Safe to Use

Unlike a free PDF splitter, our premium Split PDF tool does not store your PDF files once you use it. Moreover, it does not extract any of your private data, which can happen when using free PDF Split tools.


How to Use Split PDF File Tool

To split your PDF file, create an account if you do not have one. Once you have an account, and you have added some credits, you can follow the following three steps to split your files.

Split PDF Online

Step 1: Upload Your File

While on the PDF.co account homepage, click on tools, then click on Split PDF. That will bring you to the Split PDF page, where you can upload your PDF file and split it. You need to have the file you want to split in your PC, Dropbox account, or on a live URL.

Split PDF Files

To upload your file for splitting, click on “Choose File” if you have it in your PC. If you have it in your Dropbox folder, click on “From Dropbox” or click on “From URL,” if you have it in your on a live URL. Once you upload the file, you can start the splitting process.

Step 2: Split PDF document

The split PDF app will open the uploaded files and display the files as thumbnails. Choose the specific pages that you want to split from the original file, by clicking in each thumbnail.

The highlighted files are the ones the tool will split from the original files. In case you delay selecting the pages to split, you can refresh the page, and then upload the file to select your pages.

Online PDF Splitter

Click on Proceed, once you are done choosing the PDF pages to split. The tool will then split a PDF that you will have uploaded, and then list them for you to download.

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Step 3: Download Split PDF pages

You can choose to download the pages to your local storage or save them to your Dropbox account. That is all you need to do to Split PDF pages with our Split PDF tool.

PDF Split Online

Split PDF Files – Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Make A Single Page PDF Into Multiple Pages?

You can convert a single PDF into multiple pages, by using our Split PDF Files tool, to split the pages of your single PDF. You can then proceed to download the split PDF files as individual PDF pages. However, to split a PDF with a single page only needs you to take multiple steps.

The first step is to convert the single-page PDF to a Word document using our Word to PDF tool. Then you will have to split the contents of the pages into sections, then save those sections as PDF files, using our Word to PDF tool.

How Do I Split A File?

Our tool will split your file for you. All you have to do is upload the file and choose the page at which you want the split to occur. The PDF tool will then do the splitting, and avail the files for you to download.

How Do I Split A PDF Into Separate Files Online?

You can split a PDF into separate files online using our Split PDF tool, by uploading the PDF file, choosing the pages where you want the document, and clicking the Split button. The PDF Split Tool will split your PDF, and save the Split PDF sections as separate PDF files.

How Do I Save Selected Pages From a PDF?

You can save selected pages from a PDF using our Split PDF Files tool. To do that, you upload your PDF, select the pages you want to save separately, and finally click on Split. The tool will split the selected pages, and then save them as a new PDF document.

You can then download the new PDF document, and it will only contain the selected PDF pages you chose to split from the original PDF. That is all you need to do to save selected pages from a PDF file or document.

How Do I Split A Word Document Into Multiple PDFs?

You can split a Word document into multiple PDFs, by first converting the Word document to a PDF file. Next, you need to download the converted PDF, so that you can upload it to the Split PDF Files tool.

Finally, you can select the PDF pages you want to split from the original documents, and click split. The PDF Split tool will then save the multiple PDF files, for you to download.

PDF File Splitter

We hope that you found this PDF split tool to be useful, and you will enjoy securely splitting your PDF files.


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