PDF.co engine provides the functionality of converting scanned PDFs and images into text-searchable PDF documents.

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High-Quality PDF Generation

PDF.co platform converts images and scanned PDF into high-quality PDF files that can be searched for text. Built-in OCR engine supports multiple languages including English, Spanish, German, Chinese, Japan, and others.

Support for Jpeg and PNG images as input

In addition to supporting scanned PDF files, PDF.co also supports JPG and PNG images as input.

Secure, Encrypted, and Certified Cloud Storage

When you upload input files for processing with our API, it stores your files securely in the temporary cloud storage for a limited amount of time, and then these files automatically removed. You can also use API to remove both source files and output files permanently at any time.

Fine-tuning and Custom Configurations

You can set up custom options for the PDF.co engine through the custom profiles parameter.

API and Business Automation Platforms Integrations

PDF.co platform can be used by software developers from programming languages such as Javascript, PHP, Java, .NET and ASP.NET, C#, Visual Basic, and many others.

If you are not a developer then you can also easily automate your PDF operations through business automation platforms such as Zapier, Integromat, and hundreds of others.

On-Prem and Private Instances for Enterprise

PDF.co platform runs on secure and certified cloud infrastructure but Enterprise customers required to process sensitive data in-house can go with the on-premise version that can be installed on your server and can work completely offline when required.

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